Thursday, January 17, 2008

We had a great day out, yesterday.

We were really too late for the best of the HK sale, but I bought more Araucania Ranco than I have lifetime remaining to knit it in – three skeins (=generous child’s sweater) of a browny Multi shade, possibly the same one as the sweater I’m already knitting in Strathardle; and five skeins of dusty pink in what claims to be a solid colour but obviously, deliciously, isn’t.

I’ll try for a pic today, if we get any daylight.

The last of the KF sock yarn had been sold that very day.

Helen was more restrained, and only bought a book.

The shop is closing, we gathered, because Jeannette wants to spend more time designing and also, I think, because she is exhausted. She confirmed that someone has plans to open a similar LYS – ah, but could it be as good? – in the Grassmarket soon. Let’s hope. Apart from the folly of buying yarn, I was very glad to have the chance to say goodbye and to thank her.

And I told her, Maureen, that the shop is mourned as far afield as Fargo.

Meanwhile the gansey goes smoothly forward. I’ll soon be dividing front and back at the underarm, which means I’m practically finished. Or at least that I must give some thought to shoulder treatment. I am up-sizing a Brown-Reinsel child’s pattern and I could just do what she does, knit right up and join the shoulders with a three-needle bind-off. But I have an obsessive love of shoulder straps, and I think I’ll try to do that.


Sure enough, I got a personal message from Senator Obama yesterday. Not asking for money but – oh! clever twist – asking me to ask other people for money.

I would have thought that at this stage, ardent prayer would be just as useful. He’s got to win both Nevada and South Carolina, the Telegraph pointed out yesterday, or he’s toast (to use Theo's expressive term). However, if anyone feels moved to donate, this is the URL. Tell me, either in a comment or in an email to my address as given in the sidebar, and maybe I will match your donation. I think you’ve got to be an American citizen. This offer does not apply to you, SisterHelen, or to you, Theo.


  1. Obama's chances in South Carolina, at least, are pretty good. The state has a very large African-American population who will likely come out to support him strongly. He will also carry a fair bit of the white folks vote, as will native son Edwards, which will probably pull a significant chunk of votes away from Hillary.

    Nevada may be a different story, as I understand the race there is pretty tight, but I suppose he's got as good a chance as Hillary or Edwards.

  2. Anonymous4:32 PM

    With Nevada, its going to really depend on how the Latino vote goes. One in four voters is Latino and it remains to be seen if they will go with Clinton (who is viewed fairly positively in the Latino community)or Obama, who some Latinos view with suspicion (traditionally there have been tensions between the African-American and Latino community.) How he does in Nevada will also predict how he will do in places like California, Arizona, etc.

  3. Hi Jean

    Just a quick comment as I am meant to be working! I always enjoy your blog and just so happen to be working on a gansey at the moment as well. But mine is for an 8 year old grand-daughter in purple of course.

    I also like to collect old Vogue Knitting mags and have managed to get Vol 9 # 47 today. Real old ones are rare downunder. I was wondering what year it was? I guess in the 60's perhaps. Was wondering if you could tell me?

    It is an English issue.

    Many thanks -- back to the "plough"


  4. Here's the mystery of Michagan. Michigan moved up it's primary much earlier than it had been held in the past. (They weren't supposed to have their primary before February 5th.)

    In response, the Democratic National Committee ruled that the votes there would not count at the national convention, I believe. (The rules are complicated and each state is different - more mystery.) Thus Obama and Edwards never put their names on the ballot in Michigan. Why Hillary didn't remove her name once the DNC decertified Michigan, I don't know.

    The Republicans, on the other hand, are crediting 1/2 the number of delegates they normally would have in response to these early primaries.

    Apparently the same thing has happened regarding Florida. This is why the Republican candidates are campaigning down there and Democrats aren't at this point.

    Although with Theo's knowledge, maybe he can shed some light on this mystery. Really - our system is way too complicated.

    My politics-geek husband thinks California is going to be a big primary because of the number of delegates that state has. He's telling me polls in South Carolina are showing that Obama is taking African-American voters away from Hillary and that he's probably in the lead.