Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shan, you’re wonderful. I have completely fallen for the Poet's Coat [scroll down a bit] in Boho Baby Knits, and have ordered the book. The swallowtail coat is to be a joke-present for a family member, and s/he might be willing to pass it on to a small person whom it might fit. I may have more to say when the book arrives. Alexander thinks either of his sons would wear it, should it be passed on to one of them.

All went well yesterday. I have a new crown in my mouth, and lunch was successful. It consisted of Jamie Oliver’s “Tray-baked salmon with olives, green beans, anchovies and tomatoes” from “The Naked Chef”. A reliable recipe, but you never can tell.

And speaking of food – we’re going to London tomorrow, not without dread. We will be staying with Rachel and Ed in Streatham, although they themselves will be in Newcastle for the weekend visiting their daughter Hellie who is at university there. Meanwhile the other three children will be at home with us, and Friday is the Bard’s Birthday.

So I will take along a haggis.

Knitting (and political) Odds and Ends

Here’s the current state of Theo’s gansey. If Obama does get the nomination, I think I’ll add his initials in seed stitch just above the wrist ribbing on one of the sleeves. It seems a fairly remote possibility at the moment.

I had a personal email from John Kerry this morning, about swiftboating. I am finding Bill Clinton’s role in all of this more and more distasteful, he who wouldn’t lift a finger for Al Gore. If the framers of the 22nd amendment had thought for a moment that the husband or wife of a former president might stand for that office, I think it would have given them pause.

I read an old Knitter’s, selected at random, in my bath this morning, as often. I found I had Winter, 2003, in which I was rather struck by the Squares Squared jacket. It is offered twice, in yarns so indescribably awful that I must have completely overlooked it, the first time through.


  1. The Poet Coat makes me think of Le Petit Prince.

    As far as the Dem nomination, I think it's very early to tell at the moment, though it's clearly come down to a contest between Hillary and Obama. There are, after all, 3 more days until the South Carolina primary and then another week and a half until "Super Duper Looper Tsunami Whammy Tuesday", or whatever they're deciding to call it these days. Maine's Democratic caucuses are scheduled for a Sunday when I'm scheduled to work, unfortunately, so no chance of me joining in. Despite my reservations, I'd rather see Obama than Hillary get the nomination.

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Have a safe journey to London, Jean, and enjoy your haggis. You made me realise what I will be missing, not having kept any from my last trip home.

    The Poet's Coat looks great. Hope it turns out to be suitable for your purpose. I will enjoy seeing the finished product.

    Regarding politics, I am still more on HC's side than BO's, but I could certainly live with either being president. The Clintons didn't succeed in getting in the Health reforms through last time, but I think this time there will be no stopping them.

    All the best,

  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I'm disturbed by Bill Clinton too (see my latest post on our blog) but, in fairness, it was Gore's decision all those year's ago, not the Clintons', to keep him out of that campaign.

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Jean, I love you dearly but Sisterhelen is right. Had Gore embraced Clinton back then, we probably wouldn't be dealing with George Bush today.

  5. Glad you like the Poet Coat - it's on my top three list from Boho Baby. There aren't any Ravelry posts on it yet (except Marnie's) but I'm looking forward to seeing some progress pictures.

  6. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Oh my word, that coat is cute. The model and the pose (and the boots) and the setting (books!) all add, but the coat all by itself is getting a response I rarely have had to a knitted object. And yes, it does slightly resemble Le Petit Prince's coat. I will have to investigate linen stitch. I just happen to have an enormous skein of alpaca.

  7. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Thanks Jean, thanks Shan, for leading me to the Boho baby book. Long time since I've felt like buying a baby knits book, but this looks truly fun & different.
    - Beth in Toronto

  8. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Oh the poet's coat is great.... if only I could get an adult-sized one knit in some wild colors-- I could sit in the corner of my classroom wearing mismatching colors with wild hair and my glasses and go all nutty professor on my students. They of course would just look at me in that bemused manner that college kids do these days, while they scribbled their notes. But Ah to dream...

  9. Yes- it seems very third world to have a father/son president and then to have a husband/wife? Can't stand it. I've shifted over to Obama, causing smug celebrations from my husband.

  10. Anonymous8:33 PM

    As two commenters before stated, it was Gore who shunned Clinton. I'm leaning toward Hillary because not matter what color, dreams, etc., I don't think Obama has the experience yet and though what he says sounds good, I want to know how he intends to accomplish those things since our government is run by checks and balances. I wish Barbara Jordan were still alive so I could write her name on the ballot. She was female, smart, tough and black ... what a president she would have made.

  11. I've nominated you in my list of knitting bloggers who make me smile. Apparently, this means you should "give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times." But if you don't do this you won't actually have anything bad happen, so please don't feel pressured: just enjoy the award.

  12. Anonymous4:40 PM

    The curve at the front hem of the Poet's Coat is like the currently popular curved cardigans for adults. If you made one of those curved cardigans but just made it bigger at the base, and longer, and then took it in for the waist, it might come out like that in an adult size. I think I'd cut it out in a jersey fabric to test the shape and drape first, and use something firmer than alpaca.

    I hope your vacation is going well, Jean.

  13. it seems like obama is doing well. and he is well spoken and would definitely be a change in this world just by being him. it is awfully exciting. and somehow everytime i see obama i think about you and your political observations which is kind of peculiar never having met. hope you are enjoying your time off blogging though sadly missed.

  14. Anonymous8:00 AM


    I've also bestowed the "YMMD" Award upon you and your blog. Don't feel obligated to play, unless you want to.