Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today is unusually fraught with external event – a dentist’s appointment and a lunch date here with my husband’s sister. Can I stand the excitement?

I continue to enjoy Theo's political essays, from which I am learning a lot that is not reported in the newspapers I read.


Mary Lou, thank you for taking the trouble to find out who Eric W. Pasold was, who donated the funds which will finance the conference I hope to go to in the spring. The links are there in yesterday’s comments. I hope your eye is getting better.

My friend Helen, who is a positive mine of recondite information, found this treasure for me on eBay yesterday:

Vogue-Knits were slim vols which I think might be called off-prints: more than 100 of them were published all told. Each one gathered together patterns on a single theme – Men’s, Cardigans, Ski Sweaters, whatever – from recent Vogue Knitting Books. But did the VKB ever publish patterns for toys? I don’t remember any.

However, my main interest here is not historical but practical. I want to knit a swallowtail coat, and I am hoping there is something here which would do, or which could be adapted to do. The one on the cover looks like a real possibility. I’ll tell you why eventually. Size is not terribly important, except that I certainly don’t want to make a full-sized one. Teddy-bear size would do nicely. Or smaller – does Jean Greenhowe have anything anywhere? I’d be grateful for suggestions. I hate that kind of fiddly knitting, but this is important.

Now I’d better face the day.


  1. A swallow-tailed coat: for Peter Rabbit? I have to laugh, as we recently lived next door to someone I called "Mr. MacGregor." They had the most fabulous old fashioned type of garden: large blooming flowers, vegetables, salad, chickens on the side of the property
    an outhouse
    3 satellite dishes on the back porch roof
    a shiny black car in the carport. But the garden was so colorful and homey, almost something one would think one's grandmother used to have. I loved watching everything come up in the spring. Maryjo (you can tell I'm quite sick of winter already)

  2. I first thought of the Poet Coat from Boho Baby Knits but it's a lot bigger than teddy bear size. Nevertheless, it has the right shape if you wanted to consult it as a jumping off point - and if the cover design doesn't work out.

    I love the look of that book, by the way. I'm dying to see inside it.

  3. I am intrigued by what you are going to do with a small swallowtail coat! Ketki's gansey looks great, by the way.

  4. Hmm - your secret project fills us with interest.

    I really enjoyed Theo's Free At Last post on January 21st.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM


    Are you familiar with Lene Alve's blog DancingWithWool (also on Blogger)? One of the most poetic, inspiring writers out there and she knits "creatures" and their accouterments occasionally. She's from far northern Finland and has an affinity for her natural environment in a way similar to your own.

    Maureen from Takoma Park