Monday, April 07, 2008

A busy morning doing nothing has left little time for the business of blogging.

Here’s where I am with the Stacked Wedges – about three feet done. The pattern asks for five, but I’m not sure the stylish exemplar I have seen Helen wearing isn’t longer. Mine is narrower than the norm, too, another reason to go for length.

I had a pleasant day with it, including pleasant thoughts of where I might turn next. I am keeping an uneasy eye on Helen (and perhaps, who knows? she’s doing the same for me) for fear she’ll start the Drifting Pleats, the supreme test scarf-wise. I read the instructions yet again yesterday, and am convinced that it’s beyond me. Maybe Shag next, or Tricorner.

MaryJoO, another thought on the multiple-WIP-ery front: sometimes a moment does arrive when one simply decides This Isn’t Working and I Can’t Go On. In that case, of course, one must stop and frog, however painful at the time. And if you don’t have too many things going at once, it’s easier to recognise and seize that moment.


I trust you noticed another recent increase in our thermometer. This time, the contribution was from a known non-knitter and I hesitated about matching it, but then decided that it wasn’t fair for me to change the rules in the middle of the game.

Somebody left a comment recently – Tamar, was it you? – about campaign funding and the absurdity of the whole thing. I’d love to see a breakdown of the way the money is spent. The news reports this morning say that the Clinton campaign has paid more than ten million dollars for Mr Penn’s consultancy. Huge amounts must go on advertising.

Then again, a lot – but how much? – must be spent at a useful local level, hiring busses and bus-drivers and halls and chairs and lights and sound equipment. I gather Mrs Clinton is falling behind a bit on paying her bills for that sort of thing. A lot must go on the wages of people less expensive than Mr Penn, such as Theo and his girlfriend Tiger and a legion of others.

I guess what I think is that a lot of the spending is a useful lubrication of the economy at ground level. But ten million to Mr Penn takes my breath away. I thought people worked out of conviction – for a fee, of course, but not an absurd one. I thought pockets weren’t being lined with the pennies we contribute.

Somewhere between winning Ohio and probably being about to win Pennsylvania, Mrs Clinton has lost the nomination, it would appear. I think the turning point was not Obama’s brilliant lecture on race, or her gaffe about Bosnia, but Bill Clinton’s explosion of anger at that meeting of super-delegates in California the other day.

The punch line of the one Jewish joke in my repertoire – don’t worry; I’m not going to tell it – is “Half the battle!” That’s sort of how I’m feeling these days.


  1. I've just realised how long Til's been working on #9 tooth when I tried to figure out where I'm up to in your blog entries - last Thursday, for heaven's sake. Shall comment more meaningfully soon (I hope) but need to start reading before she wakes again.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I am a yellow dog democrat, but the Clintons have lost something for me in a big way. It wasn't Monica or stealing from the White House decor upon leaving, or the sniper fib, or Mrs. poor grooming (does she bathe?) but when I read in Newsweek that Mr. cheats at golf! To me there is no point in that other than to show general poor character. Sad. He was a president I adored and, until late, forgave all things.

  3. Drifting Pleats is *not* beyond you! Trust me. It may take a couple of false starts to get it, but once you do, working the pleats is not difficult. The instructions make the knitting seem complicated because it is so different and hard to explain, following along with yarn and needles in hand helps a great deal.

    I do have to start and finish an entire pleat in one sitting, which take me about an hour. I'm a bit dim and can't see where I am otherwise.

  4. My scarf ended up at 80 inches, and I think it's got longer through wear. I just couldn't stop knitting the Malabrigo. This may not be very encouraging but at least I haven't started the Pleats yet :)

  5. I like the idea of a assigning projects to be worked on specific days - but I often don't get to knit every day. Maybe having the WIPs on a rolling basis, ie. next knitting time goes to Project 1, next to Project 2, and so forth.

    For me, one advantage to so many WIPs is that I forget how much time I've spent knitting something, so I can more easily frog something because I'm not as emotionally invested in the item. This way I avoid that knitters' trap - "oh, I've spent the last 3 weeks solid knitting this - if I frog this it will have just been a waste of time! Maybe if I keep going, it won't be so bad or will miraculously turn out all right"

    I agree that the campaigns should have a trickle down effect on local economics, but I think they go to extremes when spending money. Take a look at what Hillary is spending.

    I haven't googled info on Obama, yet. I hope he hasn't spent 10 million on consultants or on rooms at the Bellagio - one of the most expensive hotels in Vegas.

  6. We definitely want you to be the trailblazer for the drifting pleats. I think it just will need some peace and quiet and a think ... it's on a future to do list.
    And I promise I'll stop whining about my WIPs ... I actually purged/frogged projects when I got organized for Ravelry, so what I have as WIPs I actually like, but they still need work.

    And I always seem to get side-tracked -- today it is off to find a ceramic "dutch oven" as I want to try and make some "no-knead" bread (nver mind we have a set of Le Cruset in storage in another country ....)