Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday in Beijing, where rain is rare:

I found you, Maureen! I do envy you, and everybody, being one of Franklin’s Knitters. He had thought at one point of coming to London, but I haven’t heard anything on that front for a while. What is he going to do with the project? Will you all be published? (And you’re right, Maureen, the Yarnery Family Singers are not to be missed!)

That’s an interesting idea, Mary Lou, about “haugh” being related to “ha ha”. The visual effect is very similar. The OED says, rather feebly I feel, that the name ha-ha comes from the “Ha!” you exclaim as you step into it and break your ankle. But you can’t believe anything you read in a dictionary which doesn’t list “Kitchener stitch”.

(We have the great big multi-volumed OED: Alexander gave it to us on a CD some years ago, a wonderful Christmas present.)

The scarf is now nearly four feet long – I feel that that’s exactly what I said last time. I’m finding it rather boring, and am glad that Sunday comes but once a week. I will return to socks with alacrity. I have been corresponding with Thomas-the-Elder about the precise size required for his; and should get well down the foot of his mother’s first sock today.


  1. Thanks for the pictures - I have been wondering for ages quite how the shape of the veil works.

    It is lovely to see an heirloom on an outing - all the work was SO worthwhile!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Beautiful veil, gorgeous children! Congratulations

  3. Beautiful veil -- a big improvement over the nylon net attached to a headband that I wore! I even go to meet Maureen from Fargo when herding knitters, that was fun, too.

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    What charming photos! Beautiful children and a beautiful veil.
    Ron in Mexico

  5. In regards to Constantine, MI (Sunday's post). Yeah, I worked there for a few years in the late 1990's as the Village Secretary/Receptionist/Billing Clerk (water/sewer bills). It was one of my favorite jobs, and I knew most of the people there, if only by name (there were lots of Ebys, Elders, and Holdermans, as I recall).

    Unfortunately, Constantine, once a prosperous farming community, has fallen on hard times. That's true of most of Michigan now, but there were pockets of the state where the economies went bad quite a lot earlier.

    It's too bad, Constantine is a lovely town, with some stunning beautiful architecture.

  6. What a beautiful veil and lovely grandchildren. It really blossoms when worn and looks even more stunning than when you knitted it.

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Such a lovely veil!
    I was able to drive up and be one of Franklin's knitters. He has amazing composure even at the end of an eight-hour photo session. AS for what he plans, I seem to recall something about showing the variety of knitters. My guess is, first, an art display (what do they call them now, installations?) and then a book.

  8. I'm sure Franklin would fly to London in a heartbeat if he were to find someone willing to help fund his trip. Money to do things, as one might expect, is the downside of being a freelancer. I'm just glad he manages to visit this neck of the woods with some regularity.

  9. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Your Communion veil takes on a lovely dimension when worn.
    Saturday I made the decision to forgo my visit to Franklin in favor of seeing Obama in person (my daughter and I stood just 15 feet away from him)! I have been volunteering for him locally: the organizers have been an intelligent and enthusiastic group. I'm hopeful!

  10. Thanks for posting the pictures of the veil - it's wonderful to see all the glory of the detail when it is laid flat, but I, too, wondered how it looked when it is worn. Gorgeous!

    And the gansey is beautiful, too.

    Constantine is about 1 1/2 hours away from where I spent part of my childhood - South Haven. It was a shipbuilding/fishing town, fell on hard times, and has now become a vacation spot for Chicagoans - which has drastically driven up the real estate prices, especially for lakefront property. In fall we got apples from Paw Paw, went on school field trips to Holland and the cereal factory at Kellogg, St. Joe/Benton Harbor - all names from my childhood.

  11. Just beautiful. I'm glad you posted pictures on how it was attached to the heair. I've been curious abou thtis for a while now. The work is as beautiful as the wearer(s). Gosh, you must have a hard time not glowing when you look at your family : )