Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stash Haus, thank you for that. (Comment, yesterday) It was wonderful to see Tamar! (Yarn Harlot, April 8 – you have to scroll down and down past so many knitters you feel sure you must have missed her -- and then, there she is!)

(And I have learned that your father was born the same year I was.)

I’ve nearly reached the toe shaping of Fog Sock #1. I don’t suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. I don’t like ribbing, but that applies just as much to the first sock. I’m knitting these KF socks as fraternal twins, rather than unwinding the second ball until I find the place where the first sock started. I much prefer them that way, and it adds a certain interest to the knitting of the second sock, seeing how different the stripes look, differently displayed.

I am curious as to whether the stripes are similarly arranged in all six colourways, wide and narrow, or whether each colourway was thought out de novo. Maybe when I finish the current ones I’ll be able to tell, by comparison with Ketki’s. Same diameter, same length.

I did order more KF yarn yesterday – the remaining three stripey colourways, and one more “Mirage” – “Storm”, I think – which looked as if it might be dark and sober enough for a man’s sock. “Mirage” isn’t nearly as much fun to knit, but the result is terrific.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

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  2. Anonymous5:17 PM


    Your first comment appears to be malicious, you should delete it.

    Happy Sock Knitting-

  3. I'm glad I was right in my guess when I saw her picture and blogging name.

    I was wondering about the socks you've knit. I'm just learning to knit socks (and have frogged the first I started awhile back). I notice that yours have a small amount of ribbing at the top/cuff. Most patterns I've seen (for just a regular sock with no special pattern) have ribbing from cuff to heel. Is this just a personal knitting preference? Do they stay up better?

  4. Anonymous4:44 AM

    My 15 minutes of fame... I'm glad it was a good picture. I have no blog, it's just the name I sign with, though I suppose commenting on blogs could count as blogging. I don't like working ribbing but I like ribbing on my socks; it's a quandary. When can we see pictures of the KF sock yarn?