Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Oh, dear


I finished Rachel’s first sock this morning during my enforced Quiet Half Hour after taking the weekly osteoporosis pill. Remembered to switch to the plain yarn for the toe, too.

I hope we will go to Strathardle tomorrow – my potatoes, as you can see, are more than ready for interment. I’ll take the second sock along. And meanwhile, am making good progress at winding the Yarn Yard yarn for Thomas-the-Elder’s socks which come next.

I should have time, before May is out and dinosaur-knitting must commence, to do one female pair after that. It occurred to me the other day that potato-growing is the vegetable equivalent of sock-knitting: easy, reliable, guaranteed to please the wearer/eater.

I had a jolly afternoon in John Lewis yesterday with Helen of Chronic Knitting Syndrome fame and Lindsay the Rowan lady. I bought a few dinosaur colours. It was the first day of the season to feel seriously warm and the walk up Dublin Street nearly killed me.


  1. What variety(ies) of potatoes do you plant? I'm off this week to get my seed potatoes and am curious. Perhaps the varieties that do well in my climate (US Zone4) are limited, there are not that many to choose from.
    And although Hillary's win was expected, it just sickens me to think we have two more weeks of the Dems doing more damage to each other. Are they trying to have McCain win? Grrr.

  2. As you said, Oh Dear. I still can't help but feeling that, despite seeing democracy in process, this is such a destructive process for the democrats' chances at the presidential campaign itself. Still holding out for the final result.

    I love the sock yarn colours in the previous post. This one is so gentle on the eyes. I enjoy bright colours but really appreciate the calm ones. They're like a good cup of jasmine tea.