Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, here we are at the OK Corral – again. The landscape is beginning to look pretty familiar.

Sandy wonders if the gansey would fit BHO. I think not: he seems to be even taller than Theo (you’ve seen this picture before) and the gansey has enough length for him, but he’s too skinny.


Lee and Stash Haus, it is very remarkable that you know Constantine (and that Lee has lived and worked there). My brother-in-law has a theory that there are only about 300 people in the world – my readership on a Very Good Day – and that all the rest are cardboard cutouts. He may have a point. My father’s father was the Congregational minister there, Smits by name, pretty early in the last century. We lived in Detroit during the war, and often went to Constantine to visit my grandmother. I remember driving through Three Rivers and White Pigeon on the way. I remember visiting Holland to see the tulips -- my grandfather had emigrated from the Netherlands as an infant in his parents' arms, if I've got it right. I remember fishing on the lake, but don’t remember how it relates, geographically, to my grandmother’s house. She had a wonderful asparagus patch.

Thanks, everybody, for the kind words about the Beijing grandchildren.


Here’s the current state of Rachel's Yarn Yard sock. I love the colours, and the way they're spiralling. I might even reach the toe today. After all my fine talk, I've done a thoroughly poor job at getting rid of the infamous Second Hole at the gusset.

It’ll be tough reverting to a gentleman’s sock after the joy of whizzing along to cover a dainty female foot.


  1. too bad it wouldn't fit.Then when he wins (as seem likley) you could tell everyone it was the power of the knitting!

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    What's truly fascinating is traveling through Life, there's a "synchronicity" to things; things that happen that are too odd to be merely coincidence. Like making small talk with a stranger on a plane then finding out their spouse grew up in the same small town as you. Like you were meant to fall in step with that particular person on that day....