Monday, June 09, 2008

Comments & Miscellaneous

Tricia, thank you for the link to the Si se puede socks – they’re far too complicated for me, but I joined the Knitters-for-Obama group on Ravelry while I was there. Maybe I’ll have to bore them with the tale of Theo’s gansey: wait till we get the promised photograph. It was sort of exciting to find that Anna Zilboorg is an Obama-ite too. The pattern is hers, and free after you've made a donation to The Cause.

Now I need to order a tee-shirt and set about arranging my absentee vote. It’ll be cast in NJ.

Helen, we need to talk about lovage. I used to grow it but, as I remember, never used it. I am keen to increase the space given to perennials, and if I’m thinking of the right stuff, lovage is rather large as well. But how does one set about eating it?

There’s an essay about smoking by David Sedaris (a favourite of mine) in the May 5 New Yorker. “Given my reputation as a strident non-smoker, it was funny how quickly I took to cigarettes. It was as if my life were a play, and the prop mistress had finally showed up. Suddenly there were packs to unwrap, matches to strike, ashtrays to fill and then empty. My hands were at one with their labor, the way a cook’s might be, or a knitter’s.”


Here are the dinosaurs – rattling along nicely, as you see. I should cast off this sleeve and start the second today. If things continue at this pace, I will certainly allow myself to start another New Scarf next weekend.

I didn’t take a picture in Kirkmichael, but the knitting proceeds. I’m still doing the ribbing, in the round, for an Araucania shirt-type sweater for myself. Love the yarn, love the colour, and I’m nearly finished with the 2 ½” of ribbing. Picture next time.


  1. I loved that Sedaris article, but then, I love pretty much everything he writes.

  2. Lovage is quite large; I have no idea if it is a perennial. I made soup out of it in much the same way as any other vegetable soup, and I scattered it over things with a bit of butter before serving. I don't remember what things, but I'll ask my stepmother as she's the one who grows it. It has a slightly licoricey tang and is very moreish.

  3. I also meant to say, the dinosaurs are seriously cute.

  4. I love the dinosaurs!

  5. What Helen said... Seriously, seriously cute.

  6. Jean, your knitting and your gardening are such an inspiration! It is so great to stop by here after a week away and get to see all that you are up to. I can't wait to see the Araucania sweater.

  7. you are really keeping busy (re dinosaurs and all). Good luck on the voting -- ALWAYS important. We pay big $$ to get our absentee ballots fedex where ever we are, and it is always worth it.

    Have to look up what lovage is!