Saturday, June 14, 2008

Late, this morning – I have just retrieved our car from an expensive service and MOT test. Very expensive. At least we passed.

I finished the last sleeve-dinosaur, and would have finished the sleeve but for some frogging due to a mistake somewhere in the final tyrannosaurus’s neck. That’s far enough along to allow myself a weekend of peaceful scarf-knitting.

The whole secret of motif-knitting is the strategy involved in deciding when to carry a colour along so that it’s in the right place for the next row, and when to attach a new ball instead. I am re-acquiring the hang of it.

Sharon Miller’s “The Lerwick Lace Shawls” has arrived, and will obviously repay study. I long to get back to lace knitting.

I’m glad you liked Leekscriadan, Gretchen and Shandy. I kept going back there yesterday and clicking on “Gallery” and revelling in it.


  1. Hey, Jean,
    What about revising that fantasy knitting cruise you were projecting: a retreat at that wonderful property. Sheep grazing outside, deer,as it says,laying up on the heather.... We speculated on the price - a million, we thought. But no, £500,000. Round here that would get you a very ordinary four bedroom house without even much of a garden to it.

  2. I'll be interested to read your thoughts on the Lerwick Lace book. I'm loaning a friend my copy of "Heirloom Knitting" this morning so that she can pick an edging for a shawl she's knitting. As she's being ordained today, I'll likely be handing it off to her partner for safekeeping.

  3. I won't be attending a retreat until there's a property on it, I'm afraid. A draughty ruin won't get me up there.