Friday, June 13, 2008

Heartened by your encouragement, I went ahead and wrote to our lawyer yesterday. Alea jacta est, as someone once said. I don’t know how one sets about buying a field, but he’ll know. It is part of an estate, listed in the particulars as a separate item, but if someone wants the whole lot, that’ll trump any offer we might make. I know that agricultural land has shot up in value recently, like houses – I don’t know whether it has shared in the fall. I’ll keep you posted.

(Google’s brilliant software for reading my mail and running appropriate advertisements alongside, came up with this the other day, when I was writing to our children about the field. The stuff of dreams.)

Back to knitting…

This is the link Emily put in her comment yesterday, to a new 50% silk-and-merino version of Koigu. Those colours really ought to glow. I was disappointed with cashmere Koigu last year, you will remember, but the disappointment taught me something about cashmere. Have a look at Emily’s blog for the most dazzling display of multiple-WIP’ery I’ve seen for a while.

I’m nearly finished with the final sleeve-dinosaur. I would hope to polish that off today, and maybe even finish the sleeve. “Tilted Blocks” has worked its way to the top of the mental list for the weekend scarf. I’ll have to decide soon.


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    The stuff of dreams, indeed. Beautiful photo (as are yours). Good luck on your own land bid.

  2. Oh,Jean, what an asonishing find - the property, not the WIPs. The views, the pond, the woodland....all of it looks really special.
    Then, I'm looking at the acreage - 62 acres - 132 acres - that's a lot of land. I was brought up on 37 acres and a fell right, so that's really a whole upland farm. That's also a desperately hard way to make a living.