Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I feel newly invigorated. Let’s hope it lasts.

I must! have! some Franklin’s Panopticon yarn, preferably at once. Of the UK stockists, Get Knitted looks promising, and is already on my Yarn Sources list. I’ll write to them today. Sock weight? Lace weight? Or even worsted? I’ll have to decide that question first. But it’s a most exciting proposition.

“Vatid, Troid, Vamsad” has turned up. It looks interesting, although a bit of a slim vol for the price. My husband bought a book last week about public art galleries in 19th century Britain of which the same can be said, and he’s pleased to have it. I’m not worried. I'll report more fully later.


It was odd and very pleasant yesterday to spend the day remembering what I had been doing fifty years ago. Rachel was born quite early in the morning. I was back in the ward in time for a great big plate of sugarless porridge. I eat it every morning these days, but found it entirely unmanageable that day.

Someone came around selling newspapers. I bought the Express, and have it still. This was the horoscope for my new little person, and it still seems to me fully worthy of the Delphic Oracle.

(And perhaps a bit odd – a significant number of Express readers will have had birthdays that day, and some of them will have been memorable birthdays, 21st’s or whatever. The astrologer hadn’t thought it through.)

I was interested to see from the Express, when I got it out yesterday, that the 23rd of June fell on a Monday in 1958, as I thought I remembered. Fifty year intervals couldn’t always work out so neatly.

The Beijing Mileses will be here soon, for a briefish holiday. They can’t come for the Games – the 4th Saturday in August, as always – because they conflict with the wretched Olympics. Ketki is about to take her sons to NY to reacquaint them with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins they haven’t seen for awhile. Alexander, temporarily bereft, plans to join us in Strathardle for a couple of nights to see his brother, and Rachel has happily decided to come too. It’ll be fun. We hope to go out and have a delicious country hotel lunch as a belated birthday party.


I have established the legs of the first pair of dinosaurs without further mishap. I don’t think I can abandon this project, so the gritting of teeth is the only alternative. But perhaps I will cast all caution to the winds and knit something with Franklin’s Panopticon next.


  1. Why are you going to write to Get Knitted? Their telephone number is 0117 300 5211.

  2. I need some of that Panopticon yarn! My vote is for sock weight...While I do love the K.F. yarns, in this case they can be darned (literally)!

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I love porridge and yes, I eat it sugarless, with skim milk. I hope to use up at least six skeins of yarn before buying more, so it may be a while before I acquire any Franklin's Panopticon yarn, lovely as it is. Keep on with the dinosaurs, they will be done eventually and they really are cute.