Monday, June 23, 2008

Today is Rachel’s 50th birthday.

We’ve had another contribution (and another match) for our thermometer – you know who you are, and it was much appreciated.

Stash Haus, thank you for your sympathy about my knitting slump. It happened again yesterday – I finished the border pattern and embarked on the first set of dinosaurs. The tyrannosaurus is taller than the other one (stegosaurus?) so it starts three rows in advance. I did those rows, and discovered as I started attaching yarn for the other dinosaur that I had reversed the main colour – started the tyrannosaurus in the colour meant for the other one.

I toyed with the idea of incorporating this switch as a Design Feature, thought better of it, and ripped the three rows out. But I can’t take much more of this.

I think a lot of my current trouble stems from knowing what I’m going to do next, and next after that. One of the pleasures, for me, of one-thing-at-a-time knitting, is turning over in my mind what’s coming next, and in the final days getting yarn out, or ordered, or whatever is necessary. I am always surprised when I read – it often happens – of knitters who finish something and don’t know what to do next.

But at the moment, I’m boxed in.

Whatever. These troubles are minor compared to the horror of moving house. Stash Haus, you have all my sympathy. I like the sound of the place you’re going to. Now that we’ve got the internet, who needs traffic lights?


I actually floated the idea, when I was a more active member of the Heirloom Knitting group than I am now, that Sharon might lead a group to Shetland. She said she wanted to stay home and work on her next book. Would there be some way to apply gentle pressure? The trouble would be, that dozens of people would want to go and she would soon find herself a full-time tour guide. But it’s a dream worth dreaming.


  1. How would it be if you organised the group members first, then "invited" Sharon to accompany you?

    That way, you could control both the size and the makeup of the group, and avoid the "feeding frenzy" which Sharon might dread being caught up in.

  2. You feel boxed in because you don't want to knit that dino sweater, trying to knit something I don't want to knit is the surest way to send me scrapbooking (or any new hobby). Hang in there. I would vote for no more dino sweater, but I think you have a goal regarding the games, correct?

  3. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Slumps happen- I was in a prolonged slump for almost six months and had mostly been crocheting with thread instead of knitting. Then I found a shawl pattern that just clicked for me and I roared out of my knitting slump by knitting the shawl in a week and a half. So these things happen.

    And I totally feel for Stash Haus. I am moving from North Carolina to Ohio in a week and have my apartment half packed. Moving is traumatic- not just the packing but (in my case anyhow) I'm moving for a job to a part of the country where I know no one, and have no family or connections so that is a bit stomach churning. And I'm single so i have no one to drag with me beside the cat and dog, and they don't help with the packing...

    At least in Ohio, however, my vote for Obama might actually matter!!!

  4. I would go on the trip to the Shetlands in a heartbeat!

  5. Happy Birthday to Rachel - she and I share the same sign of the zodiac.

    Thanks for your sympathy. I keep telling myself I just need to get through this summer - then I can collapse. ;-)

    Franklin's yarn is GORGEOUS and I don't know how you'll fight the temptation to abandon all planned knitting for anything knit of this colorway.

    Could the knitting blahs also have some connection to the way your prior entries in the Games have been treated by the judges?