Saturday, April 04, 2009

Travel & other non-knit

I phoned Trailfinders, spoke to someone entirely fresh to the problem (Adrian wasn’t in yet). He sounded doubtful, and the Amsterdam-Hartford flight still showed up on his computer. He told me they would need instructions in writing before they could cancel – I think he was stalling. So I wrote, enclosing as requested the email from KLM which seems to imply that I can cancel – through Trailfinders – and also enclosing, for good measure, the article from the Hartford “Courant” about how Northwestern/Delta has dropped the route.

So I should have positive news soon. I certainly won’t splash out on my planned Travel Wardrobe until matters are confirmed. Incidentally, Lenten austerities have pared half a stone from my bulk – undetectable to the naked eye, but I feel sprightlier.

My husband has a cold – a trivial matter four or five decades ago, not so now. So no Strathardle tomorrow. I may rush up and back on Monday or Tuesday to do the things which urgently need doing such as watering in my nematodes. They expire in Easter week.


Finished row 43 of the 13th centre repeat – could I even finish the repeat (46 rows) today?

EZ and 21 Mount Nod Road

I wish Google Street View allowed precise links. I’m looking at what they call “21 Mt Nod Road” on my screen, and this is what appears in the address bar – just the opening page for Google Maps. If you type in “21 Mt Nod Road” there, and then choose the now infamous “Street View”, you get No. 12 (it claims in the caption), semi-detached and having a bin out in front with “9” on it. Google never claimed the addresses were absolutely accurate.

Proceed to the right by clicking on the arrow for a while until you get to the first detached house -- the label will say 19 or 21. Notice, as I didn’t at first, that it has been converted into flats – there’s a terrific row of bins to the left.

That is where, I feel sure, EZ spent some months with her Lloyd-Jones aunties during the Great War. (“Knitting Around”, p. 27)

I return to this subject because a close friend of Rachel’s daughter Lizzie used to live there, until a developer made them an Offer They Couldn’t Refuse a couple of years ago. Rachel has been in the house, and says it is (or was) wonderful. She drove us past – it’s very near where she lives. The odd thing was, it’s now called No. 26. One of the semi’s is 21.

EZ’s description matches the detached house pretty closely. So either the numbering has changed on Mt Nod Road in the last 90 years, or the elderly EZ misremembered the address.

Emboldened by my experiments with borrowed DVD’s, by the way, I ordered two from Schoolhouse Press and sure enough, they play perfectly. So far I have only watched a few moments of the Russian Prime one. But I can say with confidence that much as I respect and revere EZ, it is Meg I love – the Jane Fonda of knitting.


  1. Hi, Jean. In Google Maps, in the blue bar immediately above the map itself, there are three buttons: "Print", "Send", and "Link". That last will give you a popover window with two styles of link: the url, a long and ghastly thing, and a bit of html to put the actual map in a website. I think you want the first.

    So, for example:
    here, a place of some familiarity to many of us...

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  3. I just realized you're in Streetview, which doesn't seem to allow links to anything but the map point (as opposed to the street view itself.) Mea culpa.

  4. I was watching Sky News this morning while peaceably eating my breakfast. There was an ad for KLM, touting the fact that "some people still think half the fun of travel is getting there". I wondered if you were grateful.