Sunday, July 05, 2009

I was suddenly gripped last night by one of those panics. Three weeks from today I should be in CT, and the wedding will be over.

Thank God for the Internet. This morning I have ordered from Artyarns the skein of Lang Jawoll Silk I will need to finish the pair of socks which have been designated as airplane knitting. I located it long ago, but never actually got around to ordering. I have also booked my husband’s rail ticket to London, for Wednesday the 22nd, and bought from Amazon a copy of “How to Beat Your Dad at Chess” which I hope to work on in Strathardle with my Greek grandsons next week.

So I feel a bit better.

FiberQat, thank you for your congratulations to Thomas-the-Elder. I am told that his picture will soon appear on the Chambers website, but it doesn’t seem to be there yet. He had to have one taken before the decision was known, striking the right note of youthful competence without overdoing it. I look forward to the result, and will let you know.

And don’t worry too much about my weight (yesterday’s comment) – the point here is that I have been following a maintenance diet ever since Feb., not too hard, as Janet says. And weight has been coming off. I’m never hungry, or if I am, I eat, having given some thought in advance to laying in a stock of not-too-damaging snacks. A small tin of Green Giant sweetcorn, eaten straight from the tin, is a favourite. No calorie counting, no hunger, no bad temper (an under-reported side-effect of Real Dieting). It will be interesting to see what the final plateau is, weight-wise. I miss my cider sometimes, though.

But, hey! it’s Sunday!


Don’t worry, FiberQat, the Princess will be finished, and soon, although little was done yesterday and less, probably, today, what with cider and the men’s tennis final. I zipped along with the cardigan sleeve yesterday. I hope I can finish the basic knitting this week in Strathardle. That will leave considerable making up and edging and perhaps collar-ing to be done.

One more thing for me to order might be the yarn for Cully’s Hat from Schoolhouse Press. The two knitting categories for the Games this year, you will remember, are Child’s Cardigan and Knitted Hat, and it might be fun to try that one. I am finding it extremely hard to keep two deadlines in mind at once. I don’t have to finish the cardigan before the wedding; I have grasped that. But how much time does that leave? The Fourth Saturday of August is on the 22nd this year.

That’s any minute now.


  1. Donice1:02 PM

    I am also quite taken with Cully's Hat, and plan to knit it as soon as I finish the current project, a Deciduous Lace Shawl for a friend turning 70 in August. I think I will knit it from three shades of lavender to dark purple, Harrisville Highland yarn.
    Best wishes on the finishing of the Princess. I look forward to seeing her blocked and in splendor.

  2. On the other hand, it's a long time away.I need to knit 3 pairs of socks before then.