Friday, July 03, 2009

“Pshaw!” I remarked yesterday to my fishmonger. “World No. 1 and I have never heard of her? Venus will blow her away.”

Mr Bee begged to differ, but I think he may have had Safina mixed up with the beautiful and formidable Dementieva. (You couldn’t make up a name like that.)

One of the many things I like about the Williams sisters is the slight air they have, in those little interviews, of finding the whole thing rather ridiculous.

I didn’t get to watch much yesterday – my husband abhors all sport except the most boring one of all, the Boat Race. And besides, he won’t go out if I don’t totter along with him, and he needs the exercise. And besides, again, there were things that needed doing in town. Today is another matter. Providentially, we’ve got to wait in for the delivery of some computer paper.

Knitting went well yesterday, too. I did a repeat and a bit of the Princess edging – only two rows and two repeats to go. And finished the body of the Child’s Cardigan, back and fronts, this time with the shaping correctly placed. The most we can hope for today is to cast on a sleeve.

I think the next thing to do is to order some Cashsilk and start messing around with jabot-design. Clearly, there is no single way to do it. The set (jabot and cuffs) offered by Kinloch Anderson looks particularly fruity.

Big news on the family front: Thomas-the-Elder has finished his Pupillage at 4 New Square and become a full-scale barrister with a tenancy there. I don’t know what most of those words mean, but I know that this is a major event. No more hurdles to leap. Now he just has to win cases.


  1. =Tamar2:47 AM

    The Kinloch Anderson jabot looks like the zig-zag version.
    Will the Princess be done tomorrow, I wonder. It would be fun to associate fireworks with her completion.

  2. Huzzahs all around for Thomas-the-Elder!