Thursday, July 30, 2009

There is a surprising amount to report on the knitting front:

Basic knitting of the Child’s Cardigan finished;
Princess blocked;
My happy outing with Cindersall and Seaglass to report;
News on the jabot front;
Lorna’s Laces yarns acquired for Adult Surprise

But I went to a wedding, and I’d probably better start there.

It was a swell (three-day) party. My pictures are few and not very good. More are promised, and should soon be flowing in on every tide.

After the ceremony, we all walked a couple of blocks down Main Street to the Connecticut River Museum where a marquee and drinks and delicious canapés were waiting. The wedding party, meanwhile, after signing the register, nipped down a side street and boarded a boat. Here they are, arriving at their party:

We cheered them in, they disembarked and circulated among us, that was it – no reception line. It was a wonderful, happy piece of theatre. The formal photography had been done before the ceremony, eliminating another major source of tedium for the guests.

Here are bride and bridegroom dancing the first dance:

The next afternoon, my sister and her husband planted a tree to mark the occasion.

The tree was tagged “Japanese Stewartia”. I have but limited access to botanical books here, but it looked as if it may have been what the Royal Horticultural Society calls “Stuartia pseudocamelia” -- these terms are fairly fluid. It was in full bud – it has the very appropriate characteristic of blooming at this time of year.


Alexander said at the Rehearsal Dinner, "You're looking very smart, Mummy." He is not a man who bandies such phrases about. That was the kurta.

But, costume-wise, it was Ketki who stole the show, in shalwar kameez, at the wedding itself.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Looks like a wonderful wedding Jean, all best wishes for a very happy future to the newlyweds. All that and knitting too!!

  2. JennyS10:16 AM

    Welcome back. The wedding looks fabulous :-)

  3. Dawn in NL11:54 AM

    Welcome back, Jean. I love the photos so far.


  4. Glad the wedding went so well!
    I hope the travel was not too trying.
    We look forward to the photos, of the trip and the knitting.
    Lisa in Toronto

  5. Anonymous2:39 PM

    My heavens, Jean! I've just been home, desultorily knitting and walking the dog, and I haven't accomplished nearly what you did while making a transatlantic trip AND attending a lovely 3 day party/family reunion! You do make me feel like a slacker!

    I'm so happy all your arrangements worked out well.

    Barbara M.

  6. Welcome back, Jean! It seems your travel plans went well and the you also kept to your "schedule" of blocking the princess when you had no other calls on your time. Looking forward to more pictures of wedding, knitting, and a blocked Princess.

  7. Maureen in Fargo10:24 PM

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great time, Jean! Looks like a lovely wedding, Best Wishes to the happy couple!!

    Stash Haus and I were together this past Saturday and were wondering how everything was going for you....were your ears burning?

  8. Dear Jean -- I am over a month behind in reading blog posts, but have to comment 1)congrats on finishing the Princess and 2) congrats on surviving the wedding! I've been to two this summer and feel as if I've gone traditional to strange -- last wedding had no religious overtones but a chatty officiant, a Celtic hand binding ceremony and "painful" private vows. Bride arrived separately on a boat with bagpipers ... umm music was sort of strange, too -- but I guess the bride and groom really wanted all of it. First summer wedding bride and groom circulated, the last one ... receiving line was hours. Awful. Grandfather of the whole group starting telling all the younger generation just to elope! Too funny!
    So, looking forward to continuing going backwards and seeing the Princess ... but I will have a quiet August and September, so I hope I will get some knitting time myself!

  9. I love that nod to "High Society"! Did you get kicked out of the Astor bar? The wedding looked fabulous and what a smart and considerate bridal party for getting all those tedious photos out of the way before hand. Everyone looked like they were having a fab time; Ketki's outfit is a glory of old gold : )