Monday, July 06, 2009

The Wimbledon men’s final was as exciting as you could ask a tennis match to be, and Mr Roddick was gracious in defeat, an over-used adjective here well-deserved. So that’s that for another year.

And where am I? The first sleeve of the Child’s Cardigan is about 10” long, out of a prescribed 14 ½”. I may shorten that a bit, as is my wont with children’s sleeves. The Princess is where we last saw her.

The vegetables on the doorstep are growing at an alarming pace. The “before” pictures were taken on June 23 – less than a fortnight ago.

The Fishwife warned me that the tomatoes (her gift to me) would have to be staked. I hoped they could hold out until we got back from Strathardle at the end of this week with some proper sticks, but they are growing at such a rate that I have tried to hold them up with skewers.

What will I find when we get there? Not growth like this, I am sure. I can only hope that the slugs have left me something.


  1. Dawn in NL8:41 AM

    Hello Jean,
    Congratulations on the weight loss. It is strange what we miss when we are strict with our diet.

    After being diagnosed diabetic in February, I decided to cut all added sugar until my levels came down a bit (they were high!)

    I used to eat a lot of chocolate but what I really missed was the fruit yoghurt I was in the habit of eating every lunchtime at work. It was worth it, due to the incidental weightloss of 7kg (15.5 pounds).

    My sugar levels are pretty good now so I can indulge occasionally. Like you with your cider.

    Have you ever seen Elspeth Thompson's blog? She is setting up a new vegetable garden by the sea

    All the best,

  2. I usually knit children's sweater sleeves longer, so they can roll them up at first and wear them down later.I also make the bodies longer.I know you are anxious to finish, but shortening the sleeves makes for less wearing time.

  3. With all the rain we've had so far this summer (wettest June on record for us, I believe), we have been seriously beset by slugs and snails. Fortunately, the garden has been holding up okay despite their ravages. I had meant to get my tomatoes staked before we left for Seattle yesterday, but I think they'll manage okay until I get back.

  4. =Tamar6:57 PM

    Since this is for competition, I wonder: will shortening the sleeves be considered deliberate by the judges, or will they assume you misread the pattern? Longer sleeves can be ripped and made shorter after the judging. I suppose you could attach a note saying you deliberately made the sleeves short.