Thursday, July 02, 2009

In some haste – all well here. Mr Murray won, and briskly enough that he had all yesterday evening to recover, as well as all day today. (In the Good Old Days, even the players at the top went on out to the outer courts and played doubles after their singles matches. Today’s breed must be a feebler lot.) But Mr Federer also won briskly, looking more dentist-like than ever. I don’t see how Murray can beat him – although he has done it in the past.

The whole nation is involved in this. It’s rather sweet. The Queen is here in Edinburgh doing various boring things, but it was reported that she got home to Holyrood Palace yesterday afternoon in time to watch the match.

I have, for the moment, finished my struggles with the Palm. I think it might be a good idea to bring it back for a file-squirting session once a week or so, just to keep it on its toes.

Knitting has been slow, but not entirely neglected. I discovered last night that I had put the neck shaping on the armhole edge of the first front of the cardigan. Blame Wimbledon. I remember doing exactly the same thing on a v-necked school sweater for Alexander in Leicester in the 1970’s. What you see here is the second front finished, and the first one taken back to the point where I must try again. The yarn is fine, crisp stuff, easy to pick up.

It'll be fatter and shorter after blocking.

But I will also press on with the Princess. I sat down just now to finish the 4th-repeat-from-the-end, but my hands got too sweaty to proceed after six rows. I’ll be back.

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