Tuesday, April 13, 2010

C’e lo fatta! as I think we say in Italian:

Slow and steady. I put gathering threads in each tier, and drew parallel lines on the backing before I started, in the interests of achieving straightness. Now I need a ziplock bag and some of that acid-free tissue paper I got for the Princess, if I can find it. What one doesn’t want now is a moth.

Jamie Oliver’s tray-baked salmon was absolutely right for lunch yesterday. So that’s that done. And I’m glad we postponed Strathardle until it was behind us. The weather is less spectacularly vernal this morning, but still along the right lines. I have high hopes of actually getting started on things. When we get back, it’ll be time to start growing beans on the windowsill. That’s always fun.

I even got some Oliver’ing done on Ketki’s second sock yesterday evening. A good day all round.

Next I’ll attempt that VK scarf (see sidebar) in Koigu. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. And then probably go on to the KF jacket.

The further I proceed with this yarn fast, the more depressed I get at the absolutely unchanged aspect of the stash cupboard.

Back next Tuesday or so, insh’Allah.


  1. Yes, it's strange how one's yarn stash seems to grow no matter what - maybe it's just more "fluffed out" and that's just air space making it look bigger.

  2. Well done on the jabot. It looks really lovely.
    BTW didn't you know that stash multiplies of its own accord? :-)

  3. The jabot is very impressive. One of a kind, and exactly right for its purpose.
    Glad to hear the lunch went well too.
    Enjoy your garden.
    We are only at the crocus/daffodil/cherry blossom stage in Toronto this week. I am looking forward to the magnolias.

  4. The jabot is not only finished, it looks like just the thing to be handed down to generations of kilt wearing Miles men. Have fun gardening. We are having an early spring, so the cood weather crops are in, about a month ahead of schedule.

  5. Very nicely done, Jean. James will look fine in it.

    I've finished the casting off of the edging around the ASJ and now have the sleeve stripes to finish up. Those will go quickly in comparison to the body stripes. Latest pic's on my Ravelry page.

  6. MaureenTakoma4:22 PM

    The jabot is gorgeous. Brava!

  7. That looks gorgeous - a true heirloom!

    As for your stash - don't you know it's the breeding season for both yarn and haggis?

  8. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I agree with Janet: stash does expand to fill the space available. But could it be time to review the stash to see if you still really want everything in it? You could try de-stashing on Ravelry; I've been meaning to do so for a while but haven't yet organized myself or the stash.
    -- Gretchen

  9. Jean, the jabot is beautiful. You continue to inspire me.

  10. Alison (in Australia)12:19 AM

    The jabot is spectacular! I think the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts - and, as MaryLou said, it looks like an heirloom. Thank you for sharing your progress & finished result & thanks always for such an interesting blog.

  11. I fully expect your jabot to end up in a museum one day - it is so lovely!!

  12. =Tamar4:12 AM

    I fully expect there to be people attempting to copy the jabot, and asking plaintively for the pattern even though you already posted every significant detail down to the page numbers. Still, if you wrote it up, I bet people would pay for a pdf.
    Yarn definitely expands to fill the space available. What really makes it expand is any attempt to organize it. Or is that just me...

  13. I am depressed about the state of my WIP basket. I've promised myself that I won't buy yarn until I've finished some older projects. I'm knitting and knitting, but that basket remains full. Possibly because I keep finding more projects stuffed in corners and baskets throughout the house.

    I don't know anyone who wears a kilt, but I feel the urge to make a jabot. I love the fiddly, lacy stuff. Yours is lovely.

  14. What a triumph that jabot is, Jean. How could your grandson resist the Fish Pie? I've only made it once, for guests as the ingredients came to a small fortune, but the word "luxury" has never been better used.

  15. The jabot is fantastic Jean well done. You are talented indeed. :)

  16. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Has the volcano ash come to your cottage? Or clouded the sky?

    Amazingly frightening to see the European air travel shut down.


  17. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Chiming in on the finished jabot - yes, spectacular and impressive, yes, heirloom and/or eventual museum piece. Congratulations
    Beth in Toronto