Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do I have anything at all to say about knitting today? Well, I am putting the side edges on Tier Four of the jabot, which should therefore be finished today. That’s something.


Billi-Jean, I think you’ve cracked it. I was stuck in a five-year-old time warp, assuming the virus had to live in my friend’s computer. But his address list is out there with msn (just as mine resides with Google), and that must be where the fence is down. I did get another one yesterday, but there is nothing so far this morning.

When I had KLEZ.H its finest effort was to send me a message from “James Miles” inviting me to click on a website to get rid of itself. What would have happened had I done it? Things could hardly have been worse at that point. But I didn’t -- there was something about the prose style of the message which suggested that it had not been written by any “James Miles” I had ever met, let alone the one I brought up. I should have saved it.


I am a bit embarrassed to be reminded that I have mentioned Jamie’s tray-baked salmon before. It was Greek Helen who pointed it out to me. I had the book, but hadn’t spotted it. How well you put it, Gerri – “impressive enough that a guest feels a guest”.

The official Oliver website doesn’t give it – I looked just now -- although a similar one is there, from “Jamie’s Dinners”. That’s the volume, out of all of his, which I have duplicated for the very short cookery-book shelf in Strathardle.


Our niece Clare has just indulged herself in a digital camera. She sent me these pictures from Sunday’s gathering.

Brother and sister:

In the foreground you can see the composed salad, the quails eggs concealed under layers of potatoes and avocados. I wouldn’t say the flavour is distinctly different from hen’s eggs. It’s the size that’s fun. Notice the flagon of cider in the background.

Knitting Ketki’s sock:

Trying to get the rabbit to work:

That’s the green suede jacket I bought at East at Christmas time. As sometimes happens with absurd extravagance, it’s utterly wonderful, rarely worn, and I love every moment I spend inside it. And a year of blameless living has reduced me to a size which makes it no longer acutely painful to look at pictures of myself. That’s a plus.


  1. I do love the look of your living room, Jean, especially the green walls.

    And is that a "squirrel swift" I spy in the background? Do you choose the skein which goes onto it providing the colourway matches your decor? :)

  2. Julie from Minneapolis1:20 PM

    You look fantastic - congratulations!

  3. Love the jacket - a good investment.

  4. Jean, you look so slender! I am inspired to adopt some of your prudent dietary measures.

  5. Judith in Ottawa2:30 AM

    You do, I agree, look so slim and perky compared to the last time a picture of you snuck onto this blog. Love the hairdo!

  6. Well I think you look marvellous, and your green paint, too.