Monday, April 12, 2010

Little to report.

We had a nice day with the Loch Fyne Mileses. Alexander agrees that the tree-climbing stunt was just that, pointing out that such a tree is of substantial diameter at the base, so that a plumb line dropped from the top, can’t hang straight.

The fish pie was nice -- here’s the recipe, Holly -- but the little boys didn’t like it. (Alexander: “They don’t eat food.”) Ketki had some emergency supplies.

I often wonder how cats fared during the war

and the same question might be asked about young children. Both groups survived.

As for knitting, not much. I was kicked-by-horse tired in the evening, and made do with rounding the heel of Ketki’s second sock. I’m just at the point where the Oliver shaping starts. That’s great fun, so firmness and self-discipline will be required this evening if I am to start assembling the jabot.

I’d better get on with today’s lunch party. The weather is suddenly, gloriously spring and I have high hopes for some energetic vegetable gardening in Strathardle, starting tomorrow. Alexander has got his radishes in.


  1. Oh bother, am allergic to shellfish!

  2. Funny, some years ago I asked my dad about what kind of dog food they had when growing up in he 40s and 50s and he stared at me and said "The dogs ate the same as the rest of us poor Mexicans- beans and rice- if lucky, maybe a leftover pig foot." Anyway, his point was that dogs just ate table scraps, only rich people fed them "dog food" and somehow they survived before the days of widespread Purina. My guess is that it is the same with cats...
    My dog loves watermelons btw- especially frozen chunks on a hot Texas summer day...