Saturday, April 24, 2010

A sudden lack of connection to the world – panic sets in. I’m still connected to Ground Control, but can’t reach anywhere on the Net. ISP trouble, right?

I was over there in Ravelry when trouble struck. I realised yesterday that if I wanted to find out about Irina Poludnenko, I had better look for her there rather than Googling her name in the wider world. I’ll learn, eventually. She’s done some good things.

While on Ravelry yesterday, I added the Chevron Scarf to my own pile of WIPs and FOs, and was impressed with how Ravelry has moved on. In my early days there, I laboriously catalogued my entire stash as then constituted, uploading pics to Flickr and then retrieving them for Ravelry. Now it’s seamless, straight from my computer to theirs, just like here on Blogger.

And yarns can now be fetched from stash for new projects.

And one’s projects can now be Organised. I mean to do that, although so far haven’t thought of any categories to organise them into.

So this morning I decided to add the Grandson Sweater and the ASJ to my page, and was engaged on that occupation when the outside world vanished beneath my feet. Most disconcerting.

The scarf progresses well. I’m knitting the final row of the second stripe. Of the three transitional rows – casting off in pattern; casting on again attaching to every 12th stitch of previous stripe; knitting 1st pattern row of new stripe – it’s the third that’s tough. Getting hold of stitches from the cable cast-on for the M1’s and even for the k2togs is hard.

So this time I’m going to attempt to employ a second ball of yarn again, and do a long-tail cast on. Will it work? I ought to find out this evening.

I also mean to measure length while it’s cast off, just to get a general idea. The pattern is aiming for something just short of five feet and my impression is that I’m in the right ball park.

I have a couple more things to say, but they involve on-line reality checks which are outside of my grasp. Nor, of course, can I post this. When you see it, it means I must be back with you.

And here I am -- at teatime. What a day!


  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    And here am I at breakfast, drinking tea. I was surprised not to have your post to read while the tea was brewing. Btw, I intended yesterday to suggest you search Ravelry for Ms. Poludnenko. Her designs in TSC booklets caught my eye a few years ago; I've liked many of her patterns.
    -- Gretchen

  2. I just received my great grandmothers cameo broach. I was thinking how stunning it would look pinned in the center of that beautiful lace jabot with a black velvet jacket next winter! Just wondered if you were going to compile the pattern posts all in one place. I am such a lazy

  3. I am impressed by the chevron scarf.
    Does it require extreme patience, or only a fair amount of patience, for those pattern rows?
    Glad the internet is working now!