Monday, April 05, 2010

We had a good Easter, even without the Loch Fyne Mileses. The lunch worked. Room temperature turned out to be a perfectly satisfactory way to eat a freshly-roasted chicken, and it was a good chicken. The composed salad was much appreciated, quails’ eggs and all. Guests sat on through the afternoon and I advanced Ketki’s second sock.

(I hadn't noticed until I laid them out for photography just now, how close they are to being identical. Close, but not.)

I had a word with the fishmonger, following Shandy’s lead. He says he gets his salmon fresh every morning, and I’ll be fine buying it on Saturday for Monday. I trust him. So next Monday the National Gallery man will have Jamie Oliver’s tray-baked salmon with olives, green beans, anchovies and tomatoes (from “The Naked Chef”) for his lunch, with some French bread and frozen fruit salad, unfrozen, to follow. I’ve made it often before. It’s easy and involves no last-minute stress. That’s that settled.

No message from my friend’s virus this morning. I rather miss it. I heard from the man himself who said, rather oddly I thought, that he had scanned his computer and found nothing wrong. Assuming his protection was up-to-date, can a virus hide? When I had KLEZ.H it disabled my virus protection first thing; I wouldn’t have been able to run a scan. (I was using McAfee at the time, and it was a whole month out of date.) At least it was open about it.

I’m about half-way, maybe a bit more, through Tier Four of the jabot.

When my Yarn Fast is over, I’m going for some Posh Yarn. Everybody else has known for ages, but it’s a recent discovery for me. Towards the end of the week, she posts a preview. Then on Sunday at 7pm it goes on sale, and everybody grabs. People can snatch yarn out of other people’s shopping baskets – it’s not yours until you pay for it. It all sounds great fun. Best of all, from my point of view, she’s just strengthened her DK yarn selection. Previously, she skipped a bit too rapidly from sock-weight to Aran.


Angel, take good care of yourself. How fragile are all our little plans! I like your Lady Sweater a lot. That was a relatively recent abandoned idea of mine. I’ve got the yarn, and fear it may be too acid and alarming a red. You may have inspired me to get it out and reconsider.

Jeanfromcornwall, yes, indeedy. I pre-ordered Steig Larssen no. 3 in paperback from Amazon, and I presume that is what is in the unopened package which has been lying here over the weekend, while I finished a Warrender. My first – “The Fifth Woman”. It’s good, very inventive, but it doesn’t pick me up and take me to Sweden and make me want to know what the characters are doing this morning, as Larssen does.

Alexander didn’t wait for the paperback, and he says no. 3 is the best of the lot. He is a bit dubious about the whole Larssen phenomenon, however.


  1. No 3 Larsson isn't available here in the US yet, so no spoilers! What do you do with the quail's eggs, hard boil? i see them at our local food coop, and other than their cuteness, I had no reason to try them. Do they taste different than chicken eggs?

  2. Salmon and anchovies, and olives, oh my! Three things I love in one dish. I'll be searching Jamie Oliver for the tray baked salmon recipe. Your planned lunch sounds wonderful.

  3. Gerri2:56 PM

    Had a good chuckle this morning. I read your post from Sat, looking for menu suggestions. I thought about Jamie's tray baked until I read your fishmonger concern. Glad to see this a.m. that it's resolved. I learned about that recipe from you and it has made for many an enjoyable meal, pleasant to the hostess to prepare and impressive enough that a guest feels a guest.

  4. Re: Spam

    Sometimes spammers will spoof addresses, so it appears that email is coming from a different sender than it is actually coming from. I've had that happen to me and the result is lots and lots of angry email.

    But, it seems to be working from his address list. Recently, there has been a virus that gets login info for hotmail accounts, at least, but also yahoo and AOL, I believe. I only know this because I got the same email containing a link to a Viagra site from my husband. When I told him, he quickly changed his password and it has seemed okay since.

  5. My mouth is watering and I just had breakfast!

  6. Judith in Ottawa3:02 AM

    I loved that LOL Cat too!

  7. Catching up on your blog before I go for a rest. We (Ian and I) are just back from an outing to the local book store and I found Henning Mankell's The Fifth Woman - glad you liked it. I look forward to reading it. I arrived back in Dublin early this morning, still yesterday Seattle time.

  8. skeindalous12:02 AM

    I thought the second 'Girl' novel was far superior to the first. Enjoyed it immensely. Half way through the newest Henning Mankell, 'The Man from Beijing.' Set equally in Sweden and China. This is not a Kurt Wallamder mystery, but a stand-alone.