Thursday, February 09, 2012

All went well.

The outré socks are finished:

And Ketki’s Van Gogh socks have been cast on. My hands have got used to Knit Pics over all these weeks – even ribbing now seems to speed forward. I’ll lay it aside with some reluctance.

Here's a very hasty snap of the Sky Scarf, minus today's uniform grey stripe.

Revisiting the Sailors’ Society I find that they specify DK if you insist on using your own yarn for a hat – and will send something called “Feel Good Yarn” if you ask for one of their kits. So I guess Debbie Bliss “Maya” is out. I have put it out for donation. I think I started something with it once – the “February Lady Sweater”, I believe – and found it rather garish, although beautiful in the skein.

For the hat, I have switched my plans to Paton’s “Tapestry” of which I have a couple of balls, and will get started today. They don’t want a folded-up brim. They don’t want garter stitch (as in the Stahman hat). I might as well do as they ask, except for knitting it in the round. It should be very quick.

And I explored the Unknit Sock collection yesterday, with happier results than I expected. I must have had a purge sometime recently which I have forgotten about. There remain 12 pairs of Unknit Socks – not counting Ketki’s, which are now Being Knit. Some of them are suitable for gents. Twelve pairs of socks  could be finished within a year. Kristie gave me a 100 gr ball called “Crazy Zauberball” when we met last summer. That’s one of the 12, and is going to be a pair for myself.

I remain grateful for yesterday’s tips about sock yarns suitable for gents but not too boring, and will save them in my electronic Filofax. I can suggest, from my own recent experience, Regia’s KF Random Stripes in “Anthracite”. I wouldn’t mind doing them again. And a couple of years ago I knit a pair for Granddaughter Hellie’s boyfriend Matt in Artist’s Palette Smoothie Sock Yarn in a very gentlemanly colour. I bought the yarn from the market that day in London when I had a class with Alice Starmore: I have forgotten who organised it.

But when I follow that link myself now, they have no Smoothie in a remotely suitable shade. Nor have I heard from Matt how the socks have worn.  If all goes according to plan, he will be with us again on the shores of Loch Fyne at Easter, and I will ask.


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I love both the Outre socks and the sky scarf. That little flash of red really makes the scarf pop.

    I was wondering if you have tried any of the patterns especially for self-striping yarns. Some are lace; some are chevrons; some are crazy other stuff. But for Ketki's socks, and maybe some of your own, they might relieve the tedium a little. Many are some variation of feather and fan, so are still very easy to memorize and knit on the go. One example that I made with one of the Kaffe yarns is:

    Oh, except that one has that ruffled edge that is a little fiddly. There are others that are more straightforward. In any case, I get many compliments on mine.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. I'm a little surprised no one recommended Blue Moon Fiber Arts's Raven line of Socks That Rock. They're all variations of black with hints of color that can work very well as gents socks.

    I'm glad though that you have enough in your stash to make socks for the year. Fun!

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  4. I knit a pair of socks with Zauberball and found it a very satisfying knit. It reminds me of another German sock yarn but I can't remember the name.

  5. Yarnissima on Ravelry has different heels you might like to try. 'Brainless' is a free download.