Monday, February 27, 2012

Helen and Archie are here. I won't try to write about knitting today or tomorrow.

Scotland lost the rugby match, as usual. We were playing France, and Edinburgh was deliciously full of opposition supporters yesterday morning. We overheard someone say, in Drummond Place, "sont jolis, ces battiments".


  1. AnnaLivia10:25 AM

    We've just moved from dear, dirty Dundee to France- the commentators are suprisingly kind to Scotland. They actually get excited when *anyone* scores a try.

    During the pre-game hype, we noticed that the commentators had taken a suite at the Balmoral Hotel a Edimbourg. It was a little funny and rather nice to watch all the familiar things go by their window.

  2. I was just in Tucson AZ visiting a friend for a few days. We went to the rodeo and I ended up next to a French couple and spent time trying to explain events. My French vocabulary is missing a great deal! The woman told me she a big Rugby fan and sorry to be missing some international play.

  3. Anne Budd mentions in the Fall 11 Sockupied to use a bigger needle for the first half of the leg and then go down to the size needed for the foot of the sock. Perhaps your husband could have, like some women, fat day jeans and skinny day jeans, but in his case, socks.

  4. It was too bad about the result yesterday - but at least Scotland scored some tries! We were there! It was wonderful to be back at Murrayfield for a sell out match like that - the French make a great crowd. Did they show the streaker on the TV? He was definitely french (he had a flag).