Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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I knit some blue into the Sky Scarf this morning – the first for awhile. I will be setting off for Strathardle in a good deal better spirit than I did a month ago – although I am glad we made that cold, foreshortened trip. The days are perceptibly longer now – Groundhog Day is the real turning-point, on that one – and I have every reason to hope that we’ll get there in time to dig some artichokes for soup this evening.

And the sleeveless vest progresses well – my husband was right, this won’t take long, despite his girth, and the yarn is heaven to knit. “Georgia O’Keefe” is substantially greener than it looks on Jimmy Bean’s website, if you ever need to know.

I looked just now, to make sure that that statement is true, and was sorry to see that they haven’t got any more in since I cleared them out. The percentages in my progress bar are based on rough but not absurd calculations – if I reach 16% with this first skein, now distinctly diminished, I should have enough. If not, not.

I remain tempted by Swing knitting (text and comments yesterday). Maybe, Beverly-near-Yosemite,  I’ll follow your example and buy the first worksheet. I could run through it and find the pages that need to be printed and print them and delete the rest. Maybe.


Some years ago – you’ve heard this – we gave Ketki a Scotland Rugby Bear for Christmas. He wears a little Scotland shirt and waves a Saltire. She and Alexander decided to name him for the first man to score a try for Scotland in the international season that year. He is, accordingly, named Paterson.

Chris Paterson has now retired, after a distinguished career. Last Christmas, Alexander and Ketki gave their Little Boys a Scotland Rugby Bear each.

Last Sunday, in Wales, Scotland at last scored tries, the first for years. The first was scored by Allister Hogg – I do hate it when people can’t spell their own names. He is 19, and was playing for his country for the first time. The try was disallowed on a technicality. The commentators at the time, and the newspapers the next day, were unanimous in agreeing that the referee was wrong. It was a try.

And the next, by Grieg Laidlaw. I’m not entirely happy with that spelling, either. That one was allowed.

Fortunately, Wales’ winning margin was more than the points awarded to a converted try.

Alexander told me yesterday that both bears are named Hogg. I would have thought it better to call one Hogg and the other Laidlaw – one wouldn’t have to specify which was which.

I should be back by the weekend, or not long after. In time for Carnival -- or, in my case, Cidreval, if the coinage be allowed.


  1. Some people do some appalling things to their children with respect to the spelling of their names...and worse still with the actual names. It can mark a child for life.
    The worst example I know of is someone who was baptised Sean Lamb. (Yes, really.) When he went to school it was spelt "Shaun" because "nobody knew how to say it" - at 21 (then the age of majority) he changed his name to John - causing an even greater rift between him and his parents.

  2. Claire Ward (claireinstitches)9:43 AM

    I hope that you have a safe journey to Strathardle and a lovely time once there. Artichoke soup sounds a delicious treat for a cold evening and I was wondering whether you'd consider sharing the recipe? Don't forget to let me know if you want me to send you my Knit Now. Best wishes, Claire

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Hope you have a safe trip and a relaxing visit. Artichoke soup sounds yummy.
    My favourite is a girl I worked with who was named 'Ada' after a rich maiden aunt. Unfortunately, the girl's last name was Plum!!
    Ron in Mexico

  4. I hope you have success digging up your Jerusalem artichokes. Our ground here is still frozen solid, so we will have to wait awhile longer for our soup.

    Do you have the GoodReader app for your iPad? If so, you can put a PDF into it. It is a great app. I am using it for Boreal, and I can mark off the rows on the chart as I work my way through the pattern. It also allows you to make notes and highlight things. I think it would work well for the swing knitting PDF.