Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sexagesima Sunday

The hat is finished – a third FO for 2012, and February not yet half gone! One sees the attraction of accessories. It fits my husband rather snugly (not that he's getting it), but doesn't cover the ears.

I finally got down to Big Tesco’s yesterday, all hopeful of finding “Knit Now” – I hadn’t forgotten. But they didn’t have it. They didn’t have any Weston’s Vintage Cider, either, and Lent looms.

I wound Georgia O’Keefe – it took a while – and started swatching . It’s pretty wonderful stuff. Sure enough, Fettig wants the Effortless to be knit on 5.5 mm needles, producing 19 stitches to 10 cm. The yarn label suggests that 4mm needles should produce 20-22 stitches to 10 cm. That's how I'm swatching. I don’t like big needles, and, whatever size I used for the Brownstones, certainly not 5.5, the fabric was pleasantly drapey. I wouldn’t want it any looser.

I will look out my Brownstone notes. And I will keep much carefull-er notes this time, with the swatch. But I think I will knit a different size of Effortless, rather than use 5.5mm needles.

Miscellaneous, knit-related

Thank you for the sock notes, Mary Lou. I will do Ketki’s socks exactly like that, with the sweet tomato heel. And thank you for the liberating comment, Gretchen. No, the socks aren’t going to stay up! I knit them pretty long for gents, and for Ketki and Greek Helen. Cathy and Rachel prefer them short, what I think would be classed as “crew”. The longer ones aren’t knee socks, but they come well up the calf. And they slouch. 

I emailed Ketki recently to ask if she wanted any changes to the standard issue socks I had previously knit for her. She asked to have them a bit longer – and they were already long. I think I’ll add the extra to the ribbing.

Kristie, that’s interesting about your edition of Zite not including the interview with Franklin (yesterday for link). One is invited to give the thumbs up to articles particularly enjoyed. Zite is supposed to base future magazines on one's preferences. I always do it when Franklin turns up, and I can only suppose that the system actually works.

(I hope you had a good birthday yesterday. You were born the year I was married -- but your birthday occurs slightly earlier in the year than the anniversary of the day we met.)

I am tempted by the Simplysockyarn sock club. In fact I think it is only because I would have to confess my folly to you people that I have so far refrained.

Miscellaneous, non-knit

My husband’s right hand has suddenly become painful – perhaps slightly swollen, painful enough to make sleep difficult and the hand virtually useless. Is this arthritis? We will have to try to see a doctor tomorrow if it has not improved considerably. I can help with dressing and cutting up food and injecting insulin, but shaving is beyond me and he hates not being able to write.

Thanks for “Cinco de Mayo”, Gretchen. I had never heard of it, and it is exactly what we were looking for.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Love the hat. Also loved the knitted weirdness yesterday.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. =Tamar8:06 PM

    One hand suddenly becoming painful could be a blood clot, or a dozen other things, down to and including the Scottish version of Lyme disease. Regardless, it does bear looking into.

    The hat looks good; is there a reason other than lack of yarn for making it not cover the ears? Or is it just that your husband takes a larger size?

  3. I hope you are able to get answers about your husband's hand. It must be very frustrating for both of you, and if it is keeping him from sleeping it might be best to have it looked at.

    I had a very nice birthday, the best part being that I finally got to cast on for the Sky Scarf. The first row is a nice mix of bright blue and white. I was very happy I didn't have to start out with dark grey.

    I have been ignoring the Zite feature where you give the thumbs up or down to articles. I will make a point of using it from now on. I like the idea that you can weed out stories you don't care for and tell it to send you more of what you do like. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Claire Ward8:57 AM

    I am sorry to hear that your husband is having trouble with his hand. I do hope that it has improved over night. I have finished with my latest version of Knit Now and will happily post it up to you if you are interested? If so, why dont you message me through Ravelry the address to which I should post it (I can be found on Ravelry as claireinstitches).

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