Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thanks for the thumbs-up on my arithmetic, Knitlass. I think I started the Sky Scarf on the 5th of January, certainly not on the 1st, so yesterday’s month will be the shortest section of the 12, if I keep this up. And the scarf should wind up a satisfactory length, with the same proviso.

Drummond Place is horseshoe-shaped, easy to spot on a map of Edinburgh. So the sky above it is something like a cupola, as I stand there looking up and considering my options every morning.

And thanks to everybody who gave me thumbs-up on my views about Oxfam and that £35 6ft by 4ft blanket. I feared I had been churlish.

Not much was done yesterday, but I did finish the ribbing for the second outré sock.. It should speed forward from here. Madelinetosh awaits!

I said yesterday that tea cosies were everywhere, and then gave only one instance. Here at least is one more which has turned up on my iPad.

Not exactly knit-related but somewhat

We have entered Calcutta Cup week, Scotland v. England at rugby. The match this year will be played here in Edinburgh on Saturday, and Scotland is in with a chance which is depressing for us all. As I have said before, we only ever win when the case is hopeless.

And as I have also said before, if we do win I’ve got to knit something. I’m thinking Norwegian. Previous efforts:

Kirsty Miles' Christening shawl. Scotland's last previous win had been in 1990:

Alexander's Fair Isle, now a big snug:

Ketki's polo shirt -- the year is '08:

I also knit a hat for James-the-Younger to celebrate the draw in ’10, with half the cup represented. But I can’t find a pic of that.

Alexander and his family are coming over for the occasion. He phoned last night to say that the match is at 5 p.m. (I deeply disapprove of the way darkness has taken over every major sport) and suggesting they come here for lunch beforehand. That will be fun.

Our butcher produces  a “Six Nation Sausage” at this time of year – pork from Scotland, leeks from Wales, Guinness from Ireland, herbs from France, tomatoes from Italy. I hope that’s right, and even if so I can’t remember what England contributes, and I can’t find that particular sausage on Mr Crombie’s website. Whatever, I shall incorporate it into the lunch menu. Sausages are one of the few foods the Little Boys can be counted on to eat.


  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    What a lovely display of your "Calcutta Cup" knitting.
    Ron in Mexico

  2. I'm an eternal optimist, so always think Scotland has a chance in the Calcutta cup. Who knows how it will go this year given that it's the first weekend of this year's 6 nations... Looking forward to seeing that young man Visser play for Scotland later in the year. He's got dancing feet and a slippery way about him, so he looks like he'll be a useful addition. Too bad he's not yet eligible!

  3. I wish there was a way to watch the Calcutta Cup over here. I will try to remember to wear my Scotland rugby shirt on Saturday. I can at least do that much. Six Nations sausages sound like the perfect game food. Have fun!