Friday, January 25, 2013

Andy Murray is about to square off against Roger Federer, down there in the Antipathies where they walk with their heads downwards. I think I’ll hunker down with my knitting in front of the television for half an hour.

Rachel phoned last night to thank me for the betting slip. It doesn’t sound as if it is going to sway her feelings. The odds weren’t very good, anyway – a Murray victory is not going to make her rich.

There’s lots I want to say, about reading (thanks for suggestions) and about EverNote (I’m going to give it a try). Not much about knitting. I cut a finger last night, trying to peel a quince, and didn’t get much done as a result. The yoke of Ed’s Gardening Sweater is going to take the better part of another week, I fear, before I get to the exciting shoulder treatment.

QuiltLady:, ask for Elizabeth Jane Howard, find the Cazalet books, choose Kindle edition from the options. £0.79. (Amazon anxiously assured me just now that I had already bought it.) But as someone suggested, this may not work if you're not in the UK. It is all right to order a flesh-and-blood book from an Amazon not your own, but I'm not sure you can do it with Kindle.


  1. He's on to the Finals!

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  3. I was thinking of you, as I was watching Murray down here in Melbourne, in the Antipathies, playing a great game. Now for the finals!!

  4. I tried to buy the book for Kindle, but got my hand slapped as not in the UK. They are not available for kindle in North America. Re. WW2 English films, I read one of the Ruth Galloway books this winter (Elly Griffiths author) and he movie "Went the Day Well?" was casually mentioned in the first chapter, so I had a good idea of the identity of the old corpse...

  5. I read an interview with Elizabeth Jane Howard in the past year where she said that she's working on another Cazalet book. I loved the books, read them when they came out. Have you read Mary Wesley? Also interesting accountings of the war years and later.

  6. Ruth in Ottawa2:36 PM

    Mary Lou - oddly, Canadian Amazon offers a Kindle edition of Cazalet, at least of one book (Light Years)...electronic publishing rights must vary from country to country, I suppose.

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Ruth, not really "oddly" as Canada has stong links with UK and many books published there are available here on Amazon.CA.
    However,when Audible Books (books on line from Amazon. COM) offered one password for both, I signed on and immediately lost the several books on the WishList because they are not available in USA....

    I see that one may go back to the two passwords ...

    "The clearer it gets the confuseder I become!"

  8. yes, we do things upside down here Downunder!