Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I’ve reached the yoke of Ed’s Gardening Sweater and have started happily across, knitting back and forth on the remaining sleeve stitches, taking in one from the front or back at the end of each row. Except that that doesn’t work very well unless every so often you take in two. It’s looking pretty smooth so far, so I hope my arithmetic is OK here.

I had another little arithmetical blip last night when I was tired and cross, but I think I’ve straightened it out this morning. Meg says, in those articles in Knitter’s, that the neck circumference should be 40% of K. EZ says to knit the yoke as I am doing until 1/3 of the front-and-back stitches have been consumed. There were 78 of them to start with. One-third of 78 is 26. 26 stitches front and 26 stitches back don’t add up to anything like 40% of K.

What I was forgetting is that the yoke stitches themselves will contribute substantially to the circumference of the neck. When that is taken into consideration, it all works out.

This is fun.

Thank you for your comments, as always. LOL, yours about Lucy Neatby’s “afterthought shoulder” video has not yet sent me to look at it, but it has tipped me over the edge into downloading Evernote. This recalcitrant computer has been struggling with that in the background – I’m getting there, and yours will be the first note to be installed.

I am having a lot of trouble with spam, as some may have noticed. I spent so much time this morning – recalcitrance, again – deleting unwanted comments that there is no time left to respond properly to the large crop of serious ones. I have Blogger set up to submit to me for moderation any comment that comes in on a post more than a fortnight old. Those are always junk.

Blogger itself is pretty good at weeding out junk from the more recent ones. But there was a tremendous (by my modest standards) attack yesterday and quite a few were published.

So if I set up a filter, you will understand. And I will hate it, if even one comment is deterred.


  1. I have been getting lots of spam comments all of a sudden as well. I am feeling quite frustrated with them and wonder why it has suddenly become a problem. I did have the annoying word verification thing for awhile, but had a few complaints about it so I took it off. If the spam doesn't stop I will reluctantly be forced into putting it back on. I am going to wait another week or so first to see if it sorts itself out. Comment moderation would be another option.

    My brain shuts down around 9:00 PM. I don't attempt any deep thinking after that point or I end up with blips like yours. It is amazing how clear something that seemed incomprehensible the night before can become with the morning light!

    1. You're absolutely right, Kristie -- I have taken "word verification" off and set Blogger to submit everything to me for moderation for the time being. That will slow things down, but not seriously -- I have a peek on my iPad at least half a dozen times a day.


  2. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Hi Jean, I just went down and watched the parade for the start of the Wellington sevens rugby tournament, the Scotland team in particular seemed so young! It is always a lively event here in town. Nanette