Wednesday, January 09, 2013

It was good to hear from you yesterday, Catdownunder. You’re all right, then? The pictures on television are horrendous. The first actual-human-being I ever met after her becoming a cyber-friend, a Californian, lost everything in such a fire. It must have been somewhere in the early 90’s. She and her husband had been out walking the dog on a Sunday morning, knowing there was fire on the other side of the hill. They realized the more serious truth in time to get back and get in the car, with the dog but nothing else.

Erin, thank you for the Tweedy-Stripey. I’ve downloaded and printed. That’s one I think could be re-cast for a finer yarn with highly satisfactory results. I was interested to see that she begins with the st-st-curl which I had already decided to use, whatever the pattern said.

The cleaner is here, tackling the kitchen with vigour. I am hopeful. She won’t mean more time for me, but she will mean more cleanth and order. And I think it will indeed be possible to arrange things so that I can reserve sensitive dusting for myself. Occasionally.

And meanwhile my own get-a-grip resolutions are proceeding relatively well. My first task, Jan 1-10, was to sort through and deal with the piles of financial-type paper here around my computer. I’m not finished, but much has been achieved.

And as for knitting, I decided I had finished the sleeve increases at 96 stitches -- this is Ed's Gardening Sweater -- and would be nearly to the armpit by now had it not become necessary to wind another skein.


  1. Gerri1:47 PM

    My first rule of cleaning: if the person is not holding a broom, cloth or other implement of cleaning, I am free to ignore anything they have to say about when and how it should be accomplished. Good for you for taking the assistance.

  2. Yes, thankyou. So far suburban Adelaide is well away from all fires but we are always conscious of the danger in the hills behind us. The eastern states have been much less fortunate - and one historic homestead was lost yesterday, a loss to the entire community as well as the owners. The weather forecasters actually had to add new colours (purple and deep purple) to the charts to cope with the very high temperatures. This is Australia in the summer!

  3. Glad to hear I am not the only one reclaiming their home. Mine was such a mess but it is getting better. I need to run the vacuum tomorrow, since I will be here in the evening by myself.

    I've been quite proud of the reclamation process and enjoy have miles of empty space in my living room. I have a bit to do in the kitchen, but every little bit helps.

    Good luck with your goals. Hope you find as much satisfaction in your reclamation as I have in mine.