Friday, January 11, 2013

Fortunately your comment, Knitlass, came in before we set forth yesterday. Our expedition would have been impossible without taxis both ways, and at least we didn’t waste any time arguing about it. [Please publish the recipe for the scrap hat soon!]

It’s a good show – Bellany at the Royal Academy. Much more varied than I expected. My husband, however, began to find himself short of oxygen before we finished. He often grumbles about this at exhibitions, but I don’t remember previously having to stagger away before the job was done. While we were waiting for the return taxi in that room at the back door of the Royal Academy building, I noticed a couple of wheelchairs against the wall. The next time we attempt art, I’ll ring up in advance and see if one is available.

Bellany would have been a good exhibition for wheelchair viewing, since everything is so large.


Here, at last, the Gardening Sweater, with the first sleeve finished. The ribbing of the second is nearly so. I think I will be much more comfortable with a longer circular at that interesting stage where the sleeves have just been attached, and I always like an excuse to buy another KnitPic.

Flash photography in the early-morning gloom has darkened it somewhat, but you get the idea. 

The Calcutta Cup is coming up pretty soon – on Groundhog Day, I believe. That’s the annual rugby match between Scotland and England. The papers are full of bellicose statements from players and coaches about how we’re going to whup ‘em. I had thought that Scotland hadn’t won in London (where the match is played in odd-numbered years) since the war, but it turns out we had a victory in the ‘80’s, and a draw that same decade.

So I’m thinking about the sweaters I’m going to knit. I have promised sweaters for the Little Boys at Loch Fyne, but it occurred to me that Archie might like one too, involved as he is with so rugby-loving a school. If it were a pale colour, I could represent the Cup and the date unobtrusively with purl stitches, like initials on a gansey.

Or something more like Ketki’s sweater from ’08, with the details in a Fair Isle band around the bottom or perhaps around a sleeve. Scotland won in ’00, ’06 and ’08, with a draw in what must have been ’10. I have knit for each occasion – ’10 was a hat for James-the-Younger, showing half the Cup.

It is pleasant to speculate, the more so because it won’t happen.

I’ve also been thinking about my Koigu resolution, and looking through various appropriate books. I have pretty well decided on another basic-shape sweater with Koigu in stripes, like this one, knit for Rachel in 2006.


  1. I have just seen an excellent walker with a comfortable seat which converts into an indoor wheelchair (too unstable for out of doors but fine on flat smooth surface). It would be ideal for exhibition viewing!

  2. Knitlass was brilliant in suggesting the taxi idea. And a wheelchair next time would be a great solution to the breathing problem, as long as your husband is willing to use it.

    Great progress on the Gardening Sweater! I always find the first few rows after I attach the sleeves a bit of a shock since they take so much longer to knit than the rows on the individual bits. If the Calcutta Cup is on Groundhog Day (do they have that in Scotland, or is it just a North America thing?) you need to do some serious planning. Scotland might just surprise you this year!

  3. The gardening sweater looks great.

    I like catdownunder's suggestion about a walker with a seat. I am also wondering if supplemental oxygen during exercise might help. If there was a walker with a seat/hook for tank, then he could use it when he felt short of breath, and not have to carry it. He might tolerate more walking that way.

    re: ripping out. I just had to rip about 4500 stitches because suddenly the increases in a corner branched off in another direction without me noticing... You have my sympathy. We are both on the right track now.

  4. So glad the taxi suggestion helped - and you got to see the exhibition. I think most large galleries (and shops for that matter) usually have a wheelchair or two available; doesn't the portrait gallery have folding stools too?

    I've no idea about thus year's Calcutta cup. Scotland are in a hole after the autumn tests and losing Andy Robinson - and England seem to be roaring lions again after defeating the All Blacks. But you never can tell.... And we (scottish fans) live in hope.