Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bulletin: Franklin's Craftsy class is about "Heirloom Lace Edgings" and will launch very soon.

Sorry about yesterday – I wasn’t well. I’m still not.

A slightly peculiar syndrome. That cold I had before Easter has lingered, first as such, then as a chesty cough (but not alarming), then that got better and I thot that was the end of it. Now this.

A slight sore throat, a slight headache, a dry cough, no fever I feel sure, a total lack of appetite, near-total weakness. Flu? Pneumonia? Nervous breakdown? Chronic Fatigue? I was strong enough to totter out to the delicatessen yesterday and get my husband some food. I’m a bit better this morning, I think, and hope to get us to Mass and put some lunch on the table before diving back into bed.

The Pakokku socks are great fun. The attraction was pooling – I’ve now forgotten how this started. And pool they do, if that’s even the word. The colours spiral down the socks. Pic soon.

When I finish these socks, and start, as I hope, a Relax big enough for me actually to wear, I’m going to need another pair of socks for the emergency bag. I seem to have found a Pakokku supplier –  I must have “Vampires of Venice”, simply for the name, and perhaps Falling Leaves.

Hellie rang up on Friday to say that the small Relax was safely in London. (I paid a bit extra in the hopes it would actually be delivered.)  She sounded very pleased with it, and has promised a photograph.


I had what must be a phishing email ostensibly from PayPal yesterday – a first, for me. It seemed to show a £39 payment to Skype. It invited me to click through to if I hadn’t authorised the payment. I did that and got something looking just like the first Paypal screen, but with a very peculiar address in the address bar. When I logged on to PayPal the normal way, I saw what looked like the same screen, but there’s no sign of a payment to Skype.

If Paypal gets hacked, we’re all in trouble. I presume they take serious precautions. I met an American banker once (your husband, Janis) who said that his bank – was it called Flint? – employed a team of young men whose sole task was to try to crack the bank’s security. That’s the way to go about it.

Now I must go wash up yesterday’s dishes.


  1. you will soon be thoroughly well again.

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Wishes for a quick and complete recovery are coming your way!


  3. Sounds like time to order up some of that frozen food, to keep the show on the road until you feel better.

  4. Ruth in Ottawa2:13 PM

    We used to get frequent spam from a fake PayPal - the trick is not to use any links in a suspicious-looking email. Our PayPal accounts were always fine and untampered-with when we checked. A fake eBay was another source of annoying spam for a while, sending out nasty messages saying we had sold something and not delivered it and promising dire punishment. Delete, delete, delete!

  5. csj04233:03 PM

    Worried about you yesterday. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Keep at it!

  6. hope you feel better soon! its hard enough to feel poorly but to have to rouse oneself to care for another - that makes it worse. maybe a local shop will deliver food and things for you?

    as for the suspicious emails -- the saying is, if it smells like a rat it probably is! you did absolutely the right thing to check your paypal account - you can forward that email to their spam account - its and they will take it from there.

    actually you should always send those types of emails to the spam accounts of the domain - it helps the companies keep up with the spammers and hackers. those " young men" will track them down.

    oh Franklin's class sounds wonderful!

    and now that i am a 'sock knitter" (even if i frogged the first go this week and am forging ahead ) you are tempting me with fresh yarn. ;o

  7. =Tamar10:38 PM

    Take care of yourself, and I second the suggestion of having food sent in. Does the deli offer delivery?