Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We had a good time, and are safely back, but I wonder how much longer we can go on with this. It was fine this time, with Helen there.

The house has never been left empty for so long. It did all right. A dead tree on the west lawn has lurched forward, and some guttering is down on the byre. Notice the snowdrops -- spring is slow, in Strathardle. 

Lots of deer have been about, and the leg of one of them remains in the kitchen garden. Bizarre.

Vegetable-growing, if at all, will have to be entirely re-thought in terms of deer. The former enemy, rabbits, seem positively beneficial by comparison. But they have left my wild garlic alone, and also the normal garlic I planted in the autumn. The Welsh onions were eaten down to the ground at the end of last year. They are growing strongly now, as I thought they would. I lifted, divided, mulched.

And there’s always Good King Henry (nobody likes that) and potatoes and rhubarb and Jerusalem artichokes. Perhaps we’re not so badly off.

For three whole days I didn’t knit a stitch.

Helen is pleased with her socks, and praises the fit in terms which make me think that the Strong-Fleegle heel is a particular success. I look forward to using it in a pair for my husband. Meanwhile I have embarked on one for the current pair of socks, the Pakokku’s. The yarn has been making pleasant stripes all down the leg, and is now pooling in a most attractive fashion. Pic soon.


I got Helen to take pictures of me for the Herzog class on fit. The results are pretty terrifying, even in my current state of post-Lenten svelte. Now I’ve got to print them out, enlarged if possible, and draw some lines on them before going on to the next lesson.

I thought I could allow myself, on the strength of that, to watch Franklin’s Lesson Two this morning. It was about possible uses for lace edgings and unfortunately didn’t get anywhere near the possibility of edging a Gardening Sweater.

The madelinetosh for my projected new Relax has turned up – a great incentive to whiz forward with these socks so that I can get started. There’s a sort of Relax-cousin in the new Twist Collective – less fabric, a little more decoration down the seams. I think I’ll stick with the original. Those utterly simple eyelets are very effective. 


  1. Welcome back. What does the deer in, dogs? I imagine they will be tough to battle, especially as an absentee gardener. We have had more snow. I am beginning to despair of getting any thing planted before June.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    No wolves or bears left in Scotland, I suppose, and of course no coyotes - perhaps dogs killed the deer, or at least scavenged a roadkill. A dismaying find, certainly.

    Springtime is in full blast here, and in fact summer is breathing hotly down our necks. Still, despite my dislike of summer heat, you've reminded me to be grateful for living in a Mediterranean climate. The alternatives seem rather daunting!
    -- stashdragon

    1. =Tamar12:45 AM

      Scavenging seems the most likely explanation. A friend of mine acquired several deerskins that (legal) hunters had left behind and her dog brought home.

      I'm happy to hear that the Fleegle heel is a success. I think I may try that next time I knit a sock.

  3. Sarah JS7:18 PM

    More snow in my neck of the woods. (Not that we have natural woods right here about ...) Trying to be grateful for any moisture to combat the drought. But at this time of year, I'd so much more prefer rain!

  4. glad you are feeling better! imagine putting up a high fence around the property would be too costly to keep out the deers. here in westchester serious gardeners have to make decisions according to whether to have only deer resistant or fence in property.

    that is bizarre finding the one leg - maybe it was a clean break and the creature shed it there. or well, who wants to think on the possibilities.

    sock progress on my blog - am finding it hard to not wander over to sock yarn in ravelry at work and dream of buying more yarn... but am strictly forbidding self until actually complete this first pair. then ...