Sunday, April 07, 2013

I am grateful for the pointers to madelinetosh suppliers, and for the thumbs-up on EatSleepKnit. Lichen has been tentatively replaced at the head of my list by Grey Garden, and they’ve got plenty. Stovepipe is pretty wonderful, KayT, but I’m in the mood for something vernal.

This started with Scarlet, for Thomas-the-Elder’s “electric red” sweater two years ago. There was enough for Thomas-the-Younger, too, in the event. My husband’s sleeveless vest is Georgia O’Keefe (madelinetosh omits the redundant "f") – not an artist for whom he feels any enthusiasm, but an artist nevertheless, and a very successful garment. Ed’s Gardening Sweater is Firewood, I think. And the little Relax, Cosmos. An unusual persistence, for me, with a single brand.

I did have a look at the Ravelry stashes. I’m not absolutely sure that beautiful Bottle Glass ever was a sock yarn. And, socks being socks, folk tended to have only one or two skeins per shade. The extra-small Relax took about three-and-a-half, so I’ve got to order at least five this time.

The current socks progress – I am, as hoped, well embarked on the heel. Here’s the link to Fleegle’s generic sock pattern, incorporating the heel. The Strong version was originally in Knitter’s, and appears in several books. Maybe I’ll try to track it down again today. I think you can knit it in either direction, but it turns up principally as a toe-up.

I don’t wear socks often myself. I don’t wear trousers, is why; my ankles have never been a feature to which attention should be drawn. This means that I’m floundering about in the dark a good deal when it comes to fit. I am always gratified when people hand socks back to me for darning – proof positive that they’re getting some wear. But by no means proof of ideal fit.

Odds and Ends

Franklin is good – when is he ever less than that? – on comparisons between knitting and gardening, in his current blog for Lion Brand.

Kate Middleton is said to have told an admirer in a crowd recently that she has taken up knitting. She said she was no good at it but finds it soothing. My husband is vastly irritated by her, as by most royals. I think she is doing a splendid job in the difficult role she was hired for. 

Junk comments abound, in greater quantity than ever. I admired one that got through Blogger's filter yesterday: the message was simply, "So what can this all imply?" -- and then the giveaway link to a website. 


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I saw recently an article about someone using tweets on twitter as "found poetry" for cross-stitch samplers. Perhaps you could recommend the best of the spam for a similar fate? "So what can this all imply?" would make a lovely wall-hanging!

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I had a class with Franklin on Friday, Jean, and I thought about you. This class was on how to read antique knitting patterns. Franklin, as always, was his witty, friendly self and an excellent teacher. It was a most enjoyable class and worth every penny of the fee.

    All of Franklin's other classes filled within minutes of the Registration opening several months ago, but I was #1 on the Waiting List for another one of his classes. Unfortunately, no who signed up for that class (Snips and Zips) broke their leg, so I was out of luck. Does that make me a bad person, hoping someone would break his/her leg and not be able to attend class?

    Mary G. in Texas

  3. I looked at Queer Joes blog, and I agree that the bottle glass colorway was lovely in his picture. I looked in my favorite yarn site, Blue Moon Fibers, and found a few colors which might intrigue. My favorite is

    in the color Vintage. I think the Polworth yarn would be closest to Mad Tosh merino. The BFL sport is also lovely, a little less twisted.

    I have always had a good experience with them. The colors change from time to time, as they put new ones up and take down others, but they can reproduce them with their formulas. All hand dyed/painted.

  4. Anonymous8:12 AM

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