Friday, April 05, 2013

Granddaughter Lizzie is 20 today. It's the one decade-birthday that it's impossible to buy a card for, at least around here. Happy Birthday, Lizzie, anyway.

I'm late again. This’ll be low on links.


Tamar, I haven’t heard from the Socklady lately; wouldn’t expect to. I emailed her just now and will pass on any response. She clearly has good friends and neighbours, but living alone in the wilderness is not without its difficulties.

I sort of persevered with the idea Kristie mentioned yesterday, of ordering some more madelinetosh sock for a properly-fitting Relax. Loop lists a colour I like, but they didn’t have it, so I went to Jimmy Bean.

And was horrified. They hardly have any madelinetosh sock yarn at all, and aren’t much better off for DK if you take into account how much would be needed for an adult sweater. Look at that.

Is the problem with Jimmy Bean? Madelinetosh? Or what? There are lots of possible permutations – maybe Bean is cutting down on sock yarn because they have so many other madelinetosh qualities. I didn’t explore, beyond DK.

As it happens, practically the only shade they do have in sock yarn is the one I went to find – “Terra”, as in “Cotta”. When I sat down here just now, I was all set to order it. But first I read Queer Joe’s latest post, and saw his new madelinetosh yarn, and now that’s the colour I want. It’s called “bottle glass (I think)”, according to Joe. I can’t find “bottle glass”. Maybe it’s so new nobody has got it yet?


Progressing nicely up the foot of the second sock.

I think it would be a good idea if I got the first Relax blocked today. And set the potatoes to chit


  1. Re: yesterday's comments about Toe Up socks to use every last bit of yarn

    I use a trick taught to me by the amazing Lucy Neatby. you still work Cuff Down, but start at the ankle.

    Divide yarn into 2 equal balls. Use a provisional cast on. Skip the ribbing and go straight into stockinette. Knit about an inch, then start your heel flap and continue on in the usual Cuff Down manner right to the Kitchenered toe. Now go back up and un-zip the provisional cast on. Put those stitches on your needles and work upward in stockinette. Start your ribbing and bind off when very little yarn remains. Isn't Lucy clever?

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Brilliant! Also allows traditional heel flap heel. Thanks so much for sharing.

      Beverly in NJ

  2. rosesmama12:16 PM

    The socklady posted her newest monstersocks on Monday, in that ravelry forum. She sounded okay.

  3. Could the offical name for the MadTosh sock be something different? You can buy her yarns direct from her website

  4. I am OK just into traveling mode, away from home on my way to Whidbey Island (yea green grass and flowers).

  5. Tosh is very hard to come by. I own a yarn shop. We just ordered madelinetosh and don't expect to hear back from them for 5 to 6 MONTHS. It is so hard to keep in stock when the lead time is so high. Don't blame Jimmy Beans. I am surprised that they are low on sock, usually our DK and Merino light sell out first. You may also try contacting Madelinetosh and see where they have most recently shipped that color.

  6. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Delurking to say that I have found quite an excellent source of MadTosh in San Francisco at Imagiknits. Just up the way from Delores Park in the Castro, sweet shop, totally lousy with the stuff - heaven! And they've got it online! Didn't see Bottleglass in the DK but more choice here than most places. In fact, lots of Bay Area stores have it - as a Seattleite, seems unfair they'd get the sun AND the yarn!!

  7. I agree with Kim in regards to the availability of MadTosh. I wish you best of luck in getting your yarn and hope you can find a retailer who can help you. We have one here, Happy Knits, that carries a good supply of it, but I don't know if they will ship internationally.

  8. skeindalous1:33 AM

    The Bottle Green Madtosh is one of the Sweater Club colorways. Available only by subscription, (long closed), at this time. Someone gave Joe a princely gift!
    I agree it is marvelous and wish someone would give me a sweater's worth!

  9. Our LYS only manages to get Mad Tosh 2 or 3 times per year and it quickly sells out.