Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welcome, new follower!

So, off to Strathardle. It’s been so long that I have half-forgotten the drill. The sun is shining. We’ll be fine. Back here early next week.

It was rather curious, what happened to yesterday’s post. But for an email from Greek Helen, late in the afternoon, I might never have known that it wasn’t up. I was, indeed, feeling rather sorry for myself about not having any comments.

The drill is that I compose here on my terrestrial computer, save, copy, paste it into Blogger, re-read and tweak, add pics if appropriate, post, read again. Not infrequently, I spot an infelicity,  an “its” which should be “it’s” perhaps, on that very last reading. Then I alter the progress bar and sign out.

What went wrong yesterday? When I got Helen’s message and went to investigate, I found that my effort had been saved as a draft. I think it was Blogger’s fault, but trembling as I am on the threshold of my tenth decade – could that be right? perhaps if we counted again? – I worry about my own capacities.

Greek Helen and, I think, Archie will travel from the original Athens to the Athens of the North today. He’ll go straight to school. She’ll sleep here and do various things in Edinburgh tomorrow and join us in Strathardle later on. She'll do more whizzing about on Saturday as she investigates a possible school for her next son. Then the party will break up on Sunday.

I will at least put the forcing pot over the rhubarb and do a bit of pruning. I wonder how much vegetable-growing will happen this year? That winter took a lot out of both me and my husband. I have plans for sorrel and bunching onions and some huauzontle (scroll down) on the doorstep here. Maybe I'll feel peppier once I have surveyed the scene of action. 


Franklin’s class is wonderful. The whole Craftsy set-up is very good – you don’t need me to tell you. The teachers top-flight, the cost less than a session at an LYS or yarn jamboree. I’m awfully glad I finally met Franklin in the flesh, that happy day at Loop in London last November, so that the Craftsy class in that respect is a reminder. But that’s personal.

My other Craftsy class, Herzog on fit, is stuck at the point where I have got to take pictures of myself to find out what shape I am. The models in the lesson are wearing jeans and tee-shirts and the problem here is going to be to take off enough clothes, for a few moments at least, to make the exercise worthwhile. I am determined to do it while Helen is here. I think we can find a sufficiently neutral background somewhere in that little house.

There is no dedicated Strathardle WIP at the moment – I’ll take the socks along. Oddly, I can’t watch Craftsy lessons on the iPad although it is perfectly capable of showing me a movie. Ah! – but my husband is taking his new Toshiba portable. He continues to struggle. It was probably a mistake to let him opt out from the learning curve the rest of us underwent in recent decades, Windows and mouse-clicking and all that stuff. I wonder if Word for Dummies would help me simplify things for him.


  1. Very pleased to hear that you are feeling stronger. Would that not be your ninth decade through to ninety?? I'm thinking of taking Franklin's class, although it reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Ma producing miles of petticoat edging even as they froze and starved through the winter. I'm sure that I will learn something, though.

  2. I don't know if there is a relevant "Dummies for Seniors" book but my father, given the choice by me if "i-pad for Dummies" and i-pad for Dummies for Seniors" chose the latter and has said of it, "quite useful". (As a former school principal he has strong views on textbooks.)

  3. I'm heading for my 6th decade of life as I turn 50 next month, so if you're approaching 90, then you will be entering your 10th decade. It sounds much worse out in those terms.
    The huauzontle sounds fascinating - if it will grow in Strathardle it should be able to cope with a soggy NW England. I will have to investigate further.

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Welcome back, I admit to a bit of worry yesterday when we didn't hear from you again. Oh no! she's not feeling better. So glad to be wrong about that. Have a lovely time in the center of the universe. Marilyn in Minneapolis

  5. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Dear Jean,
    I quite often compose a comment and have blogger/iPad devour it rather than post it to you, so I understand your frustration. It irritates me that I can view YouTube videos, but nothing which requires Adobe flash player. When we travel (which is frequently) I just give up and keep my comments to myself. But I always read your blog, and I too worried yesterday.... Glad you are feeling better.

    Barbara M. In NH (currently in Illinois with a new baby grandaughter.....hurrah!)

  6. Glad you will be off - there is an app to use Craftsy on the ipad - this is the work around the no flash player rule. It is free to download from the app store, link at the Craftsy web site. Safe travels.

  7. I was also worried to not get a post yesterday. Glad all is well!

    And from all the talk of the Fleegle/Strong heel I'm going to try it on the second sock of the pair I'm currently knitting. I already have super pointy toe on one and super square toe on the other so a heel variation won't make a bit of difference.

  8. Add me to the list of worriers. In fact, I was so concerned that when I woke up in the middle of the night I almost got out of bed to check to see if you had posted anything today. Mary Lou beat me to the comment about the Craftsy app. Have a wonderful time in Strathardle!

  9. work is so busy wed and today that have been reading my feedly blogs rather late in the day... glad you are on the mend.

    so first heel completely completed (rather than done and frogged) and an inch beyond. so now comes the great question of what to do on the legs. i think i am going to stop and do the other sock to the same point and then work away at both to the grand finish.

    kingdom (that wonderful but cancelled series) helped during the anxiety of the first heel turning... this must be my third time watching it ... i alternate between a bunch of series depending on mood - last night was Kingdom and Single Handed (first viewing - although i didnt finish as i was dozing off)

  10. I agree with Karen that the huauzontle sounds fascinating. Have ordered seed and will be trying it out in our very hot humid weather. "they' say it thrives in heat!

  11. Gerri2:00 PM

    Glad you have headed off.

    That Craftsy Herzng on Fit sounds like one I took from Sally Melville, Knit to Flatter and Fit. The photo exercise was weird to do but made some helpful exercises possible.