Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer plans continue to proliferate. Theo is coming (without his wife). We will have to take the group photograph to end ‘em all. There was once, only once, when my mother, late in her life, was on the same spot as her surviving children and grandchildren. We had a group photograph taken but she wasn’t interested  in it at all. My husband’s sister was also there (it was a wedding) and was “spitting mad”, she told us afterwards, that she wasn’t included in the picture.

Then what to do with the photograph? Too much for a mug. A clock? A tray? A chopping board? The answer is probably to create a 2014 calendar with the group on the cover. We’ll need to take enough other pictures through that week to fill 12 months. Shouldn’t be difficult.

Let’s concentrate on knitting.

The Mind the Gap socks are finished. Wonderful, no?

The Pakokku socks have been resumed. I might get to the heel shaping on the first of them today.

Amazon is getting better at tempting me. They came up with this, this morning: “Knitting Masterclass”. Customer reviews are enthusiastic. But do I need another book?

I have dissipated my time this morning, googling photographic chopping boards and planning accommodation for all these people when they get to Strathardle. I have many more interesting observations to make, but they will have to be postponed.


  1. Ooh you finished them! Lovely!

  2. Did you see Yarn Harlot's recent socks, they looked fairly similar to yours, but she *had* to make them match particularly at toe and heel.
    Regarding the photo, I would go for a photo printed a bit larger than the usual snaps, on canvas, but I guess wall space is at a premium for you.

    Lovely that Theo is coming over.
    All the best,

  3. I thought about tea towels for your photo and found a couple of websites - no affiliation or experience with these companies, but you could provide one to everyone on the photo at these prices.

    Dawn again

    1. Brilliant, Dawn. Thank you. Websites copied to Evernote and the idea, I hope, lodged firmly in my head.

  4. Your husband's sister sounds more and more charming.

  5. You beat me to finishing your Underground socks! I have finally given in and ordered new dpns for mine as the cheap bamboo ones were driving me mad, gliding along much faster now, hopefully I'll soon join you in having a finished pair to show off. Well done, beautiful knitting :)

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    If former President George Bush (the first) can appear on the national news wearing mismatched, striped (red and white) socks, then I see no need for anyone else to worry about matching stripes!