Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A couple more wedding photographs, from Alexander's Facebook page:

Here is the bridegroom's party, about to set out for the pub:

And here, at last, a picture of the bride and bridegroom:

I've heard a bit more from London – Roger is still very tired. Sister Helen is a bit worried, amongst much else, about having to do all the driving for a month, I was taken aback, as I have been doing all the driving around here for the last 30 years. This may have something to do, tangentially, with why I find that retirement provides so little in the way of free time. It's different in CT, of course, where you need the car every time you step outside the front door unless you are actually walking the dog.

The Princess and the wedding: I was in the V&A once with an old friend, an Oberlin friend, a highbrow academic. When we had seen what she came to see, we drifted about a bit and found some amazing ecclesiastical embroidery. I said it must be rather satisfying for a nun who had devoted years to creating such a thing, to kneel at Mass and admire it being worn by the Bishop. My friend was doubtful, perhaps feeling that this was not entirely a worthwhile way for a woman to spend her life.

But I think I was right. I am assuming the nuns enjoyed the patient creation of a thing of such beauty, as I enjoyed knitting the Princess. Seeing it in action was an unnecessary Extra, but a thoroughly satisfying one.

It was wonderful of Lucy to wear it, and so to allow it to dictate her whole costume. I am permanently grateful.

I am knitting forward on Archie's sweater. So far, no Unst Bridal Shawl since I got back. I joined in a second ball of yarn last night, but haven't got far enough to begin to calculate whether 12 skeins will in fact be enough. Picture soon.


The Panopticon has posted a new blog post. That doesn't happen often these days.

Kate Davies is regularly posting teasers about her about-to-be-forthcoming book about yokes. I can't wait.

I've looked through “Brioche Chic”. There are some nice things there, including some two-colour hats where the ribs travel. I might even attempt one, one day. I haven't made much headway with “The Knowledgeable Knitter”.


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  2. Alexis2:36 PM

    What a lovely lovely photo of the bride and groom!

  3. Of course, the nun would presumably have been offering her work to the greater glory of God, no? In the main church in Wigton, Melvin Bragg's home town, he wanted to install stained glass to commemorate his family (they are wonderful) but the designs were initially rejected as too secular.