Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dies Atra

I've dispatched a couple of emails and dealt with the first of the day's crop of pop-ups – I can't stand this much longer. There's not much time left for blogging. Panic is bad this morning.

We had a grand walk yesterday – through the Hermitage and up the Braid Hills, two famous Edinburgh landmarks neither of which I had experienced before. The Hermitage was fine, lots of nice people walking their dogs. On the Hills, we lost the track and got submerged in golf courses. We kept thinking we had spotted the path again, and kept finding that it led only from the green to the next tee.

Golfers were many and on the whole friendly. There was only one cry of “Oi! We're playing golf here!” But we didn't want to disturb their game, nor get killed by a golf ball, so we soon headed back downhill. But we got to the top, and I took a picture for you of Edinburgh below, shrouded in mist. I hope to show you soon.

We walked for about 2 ½ hours, enough to work up a sweat. It felt good.

I wondered if I would be too tired for scallop-knitting in the evening, but in fact managed another two without disaster. I've reached the lovely bit where I can see the third corner getting closer and closer with every return row. I think there are 50 scallops per side – if so, I should reach the fourth corner near the end of the year if I can maintain the present pace.

And I did some more of Archie's sweater. I suppose I'll never know whether alternating skeins as I am doing, was necessary – but it seems to be working. There is no line.

Now I'd better get on with Sunday. Zite doesn't seem to have updated itself this morning.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    The Tokyo shawl you mentioned yesterday is beautiful. I will add it to my ever-lengthening list of 'must knits'. I don't think I'll have enough years to complete all I wish to accomplish. I wish people would stop designing beautiful things! Liz Phillips

  2. I did think of your pop ups when I walked past the Apple store on Princes St. I do hope your Christmas includes a new machine. I'm knitting socks pretty exclusively at the moment. Christmas again. I hope your black day pass quickly and quietly.

  3. I think you should order the Tokyo shawl, Jean. The anticipation of its arrival will help brighten up these dark days. I'm glad your walk with your niece was a success. I'm impressed by the fact you walked for 2 ½ hours!

  4. Advice for upcoming holidays.
    What gets done is done.
    What doesn't get done will still be there come February.
    So relax and do what you can and let the rest set.

  5. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Will you keep the Tokyo Shawl for yourself or give it away? I suppose there is a lot of enjoyment either way as you have the joy of knitting it.
    Congratulations on the long walk in November. Walking will be even better in the springtime with flowers.
    The seedless Moroccan clementine oranges have already arrived in Toronto. I eat a few of those a day to brighten up these dark days.
    Thanks for keeping up the blog!

  6. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Congratulations on your walk - hope it lifted your spirits and diminished the panic somewhat. My household will look forward to the photo - a highlight of our 1995 Edinburgh visit for my husband was playing the Braid Hills course with a couple of young local engineers, and buying them a draught aftewards.
    - Beth in Ontario

  7. I loved the Toyko Shawl but balked at the price of the kit. I then had the idea of ordering other yarns for it and then realized you can't buy the pattern by itself, you must buy a book. That brought that project to an end. Oh, well. I do have the yarn for a more traditional shawl to knit when current projects are finished.

  8. I fell over this and had to send you a link:
    Interesting article of itself, but scroll down to the fifth picture and see what is on the wall behind the two young finders!