Monday, November 10, 2014

Onward. I'm about halfway through the current section of Archie's sweater, where the sleeves are increased every fourth row and the fronts and back every other row. I counted the sleeves last night, and they're right.

I also read through to the end of the pattern, rather belatedly. The sleeves and bottom are finished with hems. I thought it might be nice to do the inside, doesn't-show bit using the nice green madtosh yarn I used for the vest my husband wears all the time. I had a little go at the stash cupboard, much needed, and, alas, couldn't find it. What I could and did find was a bag of madtosh sock yarn leftovers – more than I remembered.

I could use one of them, doubled. Or single, thus drawing in the sleeves and body slightly, in the absence of ribbing. I'll think about it.

I am grateful for Mary Lou's reminder that a try-on soon – when the sleeves have been abandoned and the body joined in a tube – will be valuable for verifying sleeve-hole-depth as well as chest size. Row gauge has never been a strength of mine.


Knitlass, I envy your family – I'd love to see the All Blacks. And of course they'll slaughter Scotland. But I thought we played with a new spring in our step on Saturday – maybe it won't be as one-sided as all that. Once when a lot of us were staying with Alexander at Christmas time, we all went off to Glasgow to see the Warriors play Edinburgh (while James stayed at home with my husband). That was where we first saw Richie Gray – this was before he played for Scotland. We all thought he was rubbish. We learned later that the Scotland coach was there that evening. The rest, as they say, is history. And now we've got Jonny, too.

Jean, the dr's mistake about the insulin wasn't as bad as all that. My husband mixes two different kinds for the morning injection, and uses a pre-mixed pen for the evening one. The dr sent a prescription for a wrong one of those three, i.e., not the one I had ordered. It was long-dated so I took it and we now have enough of that one to float a small boat. And I'll have to toil back up the hill to Boots and the horrible Christmas crowds soon, to get the right one, which is running low.

Lynne, I'd love those 4mm Symphonie dpn's – I'm going to need them for the lower stretches of Archie's sleeves and my own collection doesn't go up to that size. I'll write to you. I'm very grateful.

The computer is worse than ever this morning. Will I be able to post this? I've made one useful discovery, though. I'm getting those constant messages from McAfee – “Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked”. It's no use responding, I just get another one, 10 seconds later. But what I accidentally discovered, is that I can move the message window down to the corner where it is mostly off the screen and just leave it there. McAfee van't send another one until I've responded to that one.


  1. I am sure Boots or any other pharmacy will deliver your prescriptions to you at home. It happens in England all the time so I cannot believe Scotland would not do it. Phone the Boots Pharmacy and ask or your GP to find a Pharmacy that will deliver! It is a service that appears to be offered to older or very poorly people. I am sure it would help and as far as I am aware they liase with your GP about collecting the script form as well.

  2. Just found your great blog! Are you really knitting the Unst bridal shawl?

    1. Gillian you are in for a real treat. There are many of us, myself included, who check for Jean's post first thing every morning. Not only is she knitting the Unst shaw, she already knit the Princess Bridal shower. That one was worn at a family wedding a couple of weeks ago.

    2. Princess Bridal Shawl that is.

    3. Gillian, this wonderful lady has forgotten more about knitting than I have ever known and I have been knitting since I was about 10 (57 years ago.) Her "galloping horse" philosophy is a very wise stand on not taking things too seriously. Many of her loyal friends read her with their morning coffee....I can not go to sleep without checking in with the happenings at
      Drummond Place and the adventures of the Miles family. Stick around-you are in for a treat!

    4. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Jean, A few months ago, I was bombarded with the same McAfee messages. My IT person looked at it, declared a virus responsible, and after about fifteen minutes of clicking and muttering, eradicated it. No problems since. Pam