Saturday, November 08, 2014

I went to Waitrose yesterday and had a happy time buying ready and nearly-ready meals that will save me from doing much cooking for several days. (If Tesco is worried about profits, one thing they could do right away would be to improve their offerings in that category. Cheapness isn't everything.) One of you recognised and spoke to me! How is that possible? I felt, briefly, like a movie star.

Archie's sweater progressed well. I counted all five sections at the beginning of the session, and then just knit on, leaving it to its own devices. And I got the order in to Meadow Yarns for a Sirka Counter and a Knit Pro Symfonie wood circular needle in what I hope is the right gauge and length. I asked for First Class delivery – might even get them on Monday. As well as the complicated instructions about the raglan increases, I am also putting buttonholes in the placket every 12 rows. The Sirka will have plenty to do if it gets here in time.

The big news is that Kate Davies' Yoke book is ready for pre-order and will ship soon. I've put in my order.

It sounds from Zite as if a new IK might soon be here. Greek Helen says that Mungo has settled back into his Greek school with a new zest for life. Otherwise I can't think of anything to talk about.


  1. The ready meals are a great solution for those (frequent) moments when the thought of cooking from scratch is just too much. Don't forget the excellent Cook, which in glasgow at least, delivers.

  2. I ordered the yokes book as well. Although that postage and the lousy exchange rate makes it rather pricey to buy in the USA. However I love her work and want to support her.

  3. isn't it wonderful to be FAMOUS xx

  4. Dear Jean, you are a star! You light up my world every morning . . . .

    1. Anonymous7:04 PM

      -- stashdragon

  5. Jean you are a rock star! Woo hoo !!!