Friday, April 22, 2016

Again, little to report.

Except that my husband is safely home from hospital. He arrived at midday, unannounced and with a catheter. I had an anxious time – would the social services carer and the district nurses turn up at the end of the afternoon? That sort of thing is all supposed to be arranged by the hospital before release, but we have had glitches before, and the catheter made it scarier.

In fact, they did turn up, although later rather than earlier, thus contributing to further stress. Catheter management is pretty simple (as I thought it would be).

I did virtually no knitting. There were a few available moments at the very end, and I did maybe half a round on the sock. There must be a better way.

Today James will arrive to give his talk at Merchiston. A friend has valiantly offered to hold the fort here at that difficult time of day, so I can go both to the 5:30 feed beforehand and to the talk.

I probably won’t be back here tomorrow. Don’t worry.


  1. Nice you can get to the talk at least. I was hoping to hear you were on the way to the Centre of the Universe.

    1. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Agree, but this is a lovely opportunity too.
      -- stashdragon

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Glad to hear your husband is home and carers are in place.

    Enjoy the meal, the talk, and the visit.

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Chigail3:47 PM

    Have a lovely evening with your son and grandsons.

  4. Hope you enjoy the outing. I do so understand about knitting not getting done!

  5. Ah, yes, the unannounced discharge. We experienced this with my husband's stepmother who was sent out unannounced without a walking frame, ten days after breaking her leg. I never understand how they can arrange the transport but not let you know.
    Thank goodness the care package had not been stood down this time.

  6. well, at least that surprise worked out! how inconsiderate of the hospital services... so glad the care showed up!

    its sunday night.. hope you got to the talk and dinner! you deserve a treat of an evening with non sick adults!

    knitting... after five hours of spring cleaning in the garden (and its just the first wave) and laundry and ...
    now a bite to eat and then a little piano for my soul and then ... it will be bedtime and maybe a few rows while i catch the first eps of Silicon Valley and VEEP (am hopelessly behind on Games of Thrones as in season 2... so will give that a miss).

    hope things at the home front calm down and back to schedule this week!