Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Another good day for Bernie! New York will be very interesting.

All continues well on the knitting front.

I’ll have to make myself a little schematic. The pattern is so old it doesn’t even offer one. I think the other time I knit something with this stitch pattern – the half-brioche I keep going on about – it was completely plain. This time I’ll go with the pattern in having what I called the other day, saddle shoulders.

What happens is that the front and back don’t attach to each other at the shoulder. Instead, there is a strip at the top of each sleeve which runs between front and back, up to the neck edge. Is that a “saddle shoulder”? I’ll try to make the round neck a little lower than round necks used to be. Lots of necklines have lowish round necks these days. The one fashion tip which has registered with me, in a long life, is that collars flatter the aged face. The collar being provided by something worn underneath, of course.

And I mustn’t forget the Sous Sous. When I reach the underarm decreases, at the very latest.

I remain very grateful for the introduction to Nathan Taylor, and it is remarkable, as you say, Hat, that one so young could make such progress in knitting, especially while concentrating his life on something else (=acting). I have started to watch the videos you provided the link for – he’s good at video-making, too – but I don’t at the moment think I’m going to try to teach my old fingers to do two-colour brioche in one pass. I’m enjoying life in the slow lane (except that there’s so much I want to knit, and time is running out).

You were knitting something from that little book called “Knitting Brioche-stitch Socks” (by Barbara Sander) the day we met, Hat. I bought the book and then, as with so much else, have done no more about it. Now, at least, I have got it out and am thinking about it again.


Greek Helen and her family are planning a week in Strathardle at the end of May. We are trying to contrive a plan to get my husband there, at least for a day. He doesn’t think he can do it, but I hope the idea will percolate. We’d have to take a carer along. It would be sort of sad, as it would almost certainly be the last time he would see the dear place. But not as sad as not seeing it, surely.


  1. You are right, that is a saddle shoulder. A shape that sits well on any shape of human shoulder.
    It would be truly wonderful if you could get your Husband to Strathardle. I shall hope very hard that it can be achieved.

  2. Here's hoping you can work out the details to get your Husband to Strathardle. Hopefully your children will be involved in this outing! And that you get to spend some time up there too...!

    Have never tried brioche .. Once read the stitch and it seemed so difficult I never attempted. May have to revisit.

    And another wonderful Raverly designer and group - Sockmatician already found several sock patterns to add to my huge queue. And perhaps one to try for a particularly hard yarn that has had five patterns and none really worked.

    Onward !

  3. Yup, tis a saddle shoulder. I kinda have an idea in my head to use a saddle as the start of cables going down the outside of sleeves, but I'm not sure how well it'd work, if at all. Probably should finish an actual sweater first, right? And maybe also make a saddle shoulder one, so I have a first-hand feel for how they work.

    Oh, and thanks to whichever commenter suggested the bit of yarn! Been working like a treat, or it was till I got distracted by hat 2.0 again. You wouldn't think a hat pattern from an old Piecework knit in fingering would be so addictive, really.

  4. I'll have to look for Nathan Taylor. I do hope that a camper van rental or something might do the trick for your husband. It would be a wonderful thing for you all, I'm sure.