Friday, April 01, 2016

New follower! Hi!

Little to report. The Sous Sous decreases are done and today I will lay it aside in favour of starting my half-brioche sweater at last. But don’t forget, Jean – the Sous Sous isn’t finished. I wound a skein of the Roast Hatch Chillies in December to knit a Christmas present hat, and I can’t find the ball. That’s a nuisance, but only a small one. I’ll be starting off with good old Whiskey Barrel, anyway.

I know Meg has unvented a way to knit brioche in the round, but I’m not going to attempt it. This is going to be an old-fashioned number: front, back, two sleeves, sew them together. The late and much lamented Judy Sumner assigned different days of the week to different WIPs. I prefer to set goals: I’ll work on the back of the new sweater until the ribbing is finished and the glories of the pattern established.

Speaking of brioche, I see that Nancy Marchant will be at the Loch Ness Knit Fest at the end of September. I couldn’t get into her class at the EYF, even ten minutes after booking started. Starmore will be there, and Di Gilpin, and other folk unknown to me. There will be knit cruises on the loch and it all sounds rather fun.

Vintage Shetland Project

Guess what? The promised “early April” date for publication joins the other promises on the scrap heap. Now it’s “just a few weeks later than planned”. So – May? June? We’re getting rather close to the first anniversary of the crowdfunding episode. That was early July last year, with publication promised for November.

“Every new lead takes time to follow up” – that’s a dangerous path to go down. One of the attractions of the crowdfunding pitch was that she had a good track record, with the Stitch in Time books. I thought she could be trusted to pull this one off, too.

I still think she probably will, but I’m getting crosser and crosser. And she must have known for a couple of weeks, at least, that she wasn’t going to make the “early April” deadline. Why not tell us?  Why let us wait until the promised month arrived before breaking the (new) bad news?


  1. Patience11:51 AM

    I'm with you on the Vintage Shetland Project. When she writes about new discoveries and research at this stage of the game I am dismayed. PIGDIB

  2. I agree - at this stage, go with what you have and any new discoveries go into VSP#2.

  3. I have to say, I tried the Brioche in the round, and seaming was a more attractive alternative. It was along time ago, perhaps I'd feel differently now. I'll have to crack Nancy Marchant's book and see what she has to say.

  4. Hi Jean! It's the Obie you met today. This isn't really relevant to your post, but I just saw the Oberlin Webteam's April Fools "prank" and I thought you mught get a kick out of it. It features a. lot of silly photos of buildings in Oberlin.