Thursday, April 07, 2016

On I go. Only a few centimetres – and fewer inches – left before the armhole decreases on my half-brioche sweater. The Sous Sous was abandoned in an uncomfortable position, with fiddly bits next instead of peaceful knitting. I had better get back to it soon.

I have discovered some sort of mis-stitch, hundreds of miles down one of the WB ribs. Do I dare try to ladder back?

I was briefly inflamed with the idea of walking up to the Ginger Twist Studio on Tuesday, since I had to go up to St James’ Centre anyway and that must be nearly halfway. Alas! Ginger Twist is closed on Tuesdays. I have to go up again soon, and will make another attempt. I am not as strong as I used to be, but I think the walk is still within range.

The shop looks very interesting, from its website, with luxurious yarns dyed locally. I am much taken with the Luscious 4-ply – blue-faced Leicester, silk, cashmere. But there are other possibilities I might prefer, when face-to-face. The trouble is a) I feel I ought to buy something, whenever I visit an enterprising and independent LYS, which this clearly is (as I feel in a second-hand bookshop); and b) I have an idea of something I might like to knit.

That’s a trouble, because I already have the three projects I bought at the EYF, neatly tucked away with their appropriate patterns. All relatively small projects, but still, three of them. And the madtosh Tannehill which my sister will bring relatively soon (I hope, for the sake of seeing her), intended for a sweater for my husband. And what if Hellie and Matt get pregnant?

So I don’t need another project.

But it's wonderful what can get done, if one goes on doing.


There is going to be an Edinburgh Knitting and Stitching show at the Royal Highland Centre at the end of this month – a first for Edinburgh. This is what goes on at the Ally Pally from time to time, isn’t it? They have emailed me asking me to go free and blog about it. I am flattered to be noticed, especially because the EYF, in summing up, mentioned a whole host of blogs about themselves – but not me.

But I’m not strong enough, so soon after the EYF. And I suspect, looking at the interesting list of workshops, that the show is more stitching than knitting.


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Too many people exhibit at ally pally who have nothing to do with crafting, let alone knitting. Leather handbag? New dress? Stick to EYF Jean, much more rewarding
    Liz Phillips

  2. GrannyPurple11:45 AM

    It IS a huge event--more like a yarn festival with a sewing fest, plus embroidery, plus shopping--a real multi fest.

  3. There will be lots of crafting displays and the vendor list is good. If you do decide to come on Saturday or Sunday come and say hello, I'll be on the Haddington Spinners & Weavers stand most of the day, in the display are.

  4. I also feel like I should buy something when visiting a new yarn shop. I generally grab some sock yarn, as I know that will eventually find a good home on someone's feet. The idea of laddering down in brioche terrifies me. I am not sure it can be done. But if it is the k1 below, maybe. Or I might just settle for a bt of duplicate stitch later.

  5. =Tamar1:31 PM

    Extra stitch markers are nice to have...

  6. I'm going to the Knitting & Stitching Show - I expect it to be quite different to EYF