Sunday, August 28, 2016

Again, little to report. And I must try to bestir myself to get things into a state which will allow Gosia – coming at midday – to get some work done.

Helen had a grand time at her mosaic workshop. For some reason she doesn’t get comments on her website (address in sidebar). But there they were yesterday, people who told her with awe, “I read your blog”. And she is reveling in being here to stay – waking up in her flat on Windsor Street, looking east at the sun rising over Edinburgh. Going to Tesco! Buying tea and sugar!

I didn’t do much, as usual, but the Whiskey Barrel socks are moving forward and I am impressed, again, with how good a nearly-solid madtosh fabric looks, like my beloved Relax. Helen went to see her father at the end of the afternoon, and found him in good form, although unsure whether I had been to visit earlier in the day, or not.

I’d better get going.


  1. Oh, Jean, "here to stay"--what a lovely ring that has to it. I'm sure a collective sigh of relief is traveling around the world right now, as your followers read those words. How wonderful that Helen should arrive just when you need her most. I'm sure that she can get your husband home with the proper care, if anyone can do it.
    And then Juliet and her parents are to arrive on Tuesday! Will this be your first time meeting her?
    Blessings on you all!
    Carol in Long Island

  2. Good news that Gosia has some time for you. Another pair of strong hands (and back) should move things ahead.

  3. I find it encouraging that you are able to post again.
    Isn't the point of having Gosia to help you put things straight?
    It sounds like good news all around.

  4. I just read Helen's latest post. She writes beautifully with poignant descriptions of her days in Thessaloniki and then moving to Athens with three small children and a weekend husband. What a strong person.
    I have read her blog in the past, thanks to your link and have now subscribed.
    As always, you provide information and inspiration.

    1. Me too, now subscribed to Helen's blog.
      - Beth in Ontario

  5. So happy for you that Helen is back in the same city. It is a relief to many of us but I imagine to your family as well. Handling all of the latest and the coming issues will be so much better with family help local.

    Glad you could get Gosnia back to help out. Maybe she could come once a month or every other week.