Monday, August 15, 2016

Day Two of the Regulated Life.

I did no knitting at all yesterday – so, obviously, the next reform must be to build knitting time into the system. I have a deep-seated aversion to the Olympics, dating from 1948, but I could make an exception this afternoon to try to watch the dressage, inspired by that article in the current New Yorker about Charlotte Dujardin. (Isn’t that a wonderful name?)

And then go on to my old favourite, the ridiculous quiz program called “Pointless”.

(Television-watching=knitting time)

Yesterday Alexander brought his family here. He went on to the hospital to visit his father, while Ketki and I walked about the streets playing Pokemon-Go with the Little Boys. Not so little, either. I hadn’t seen them for a while. James, the elder, has suddenly shot up, as teen-agers sometimes do.

Pokemon-Go is very complicated, and pretty impressive. It was acquainted with a lot of the local sites – the house on London Street where the Norwegian national anthem was composed, the statue of Sherlock Holmes at the top of Broughton Street (because Arthur Conan Doyle was born nearby), to mention but two. Presumably every city in Britain is similarly provided for. What about towns?

The game was well beyond my comprehension. Ketki has had to learn a lot since she married Alexander, the rules of rugby football to begin with. She has mastered Pokemon-Go.


So here we are at publication day for the Vintage Shetland Project. Yesterday I discovered this film, made by Susan’s daughter, by following a link from the Susan Crawford group on Ravelry.  I got about half-way through it, myself. It’s far too arty for my taste, but the knitting, when glimpsed, does indeed look rather wonderful.

The link was published on Susan’s blog ten days ago. So maybe the book really will be published today?

Today I will resume hospital visiting on my own behalf, and will press on with the second Vampire sock.


  1. Posts two days running - I feel I am being spoiled! Good for you!
    I was intrigued by your mention of the Norwegian national anthem. At school we had our school song which I always remember as being totally unmemorable - especially the tune. Found a school history, and discovered that it was called "The Fatherland Psalm" by Grieg. Googled that and guess what - the Norwegian National Anthem. Found it being sung on You-Tube - didn't recognise it at all.
    Not like Grieg to produce something so boring as that.

  2. Patience11:47 AM

    Knitting connection - Caro Sheridan (knitter and photographer) and her husband found their house had been designated a "gym" A daycare in Portsmouth, NH had to ask to be removed as a spot because they were concerned about the number of strangers loitering.

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    JeanfromCornwall took the words right out of my mouth. So happy to hear your voice this morning, Jean. I'm going to go look up this Pokemon craze. Didn't know that Geography was involved. I need you to help me keep up with social media. Chloe.

  4. I wish I could watch the dressage! The tv coverage here has been ignoring the equestrian events. A friend and I tried Pokemon go one day when we met for lunch, just to see what it was about. seems just the ticket for the screen bound to get out and about. Wonderful to see you two mornings in a row.

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I see what you mean by the film being arty, but it really is beautiful, the colors don't look real! The amazing colors are what I remember about our visit to the UK circa 1980. I'd have liked a bit more narration.
    Gail in NC

  6. Am I dreaming? I spent all day yesterday watching Andy Murray win gold- again!