Thursday, August 25, 2016

I had a lovely day yesterday, in Mediterranean warmth and sunshine, no hospital. I’ve had no news, which I take it to mean that Alexander found things much as usual and didn’t learn anything significant.

A friend rang up in the morning and whisked me off to Dr Neils Garden on the edge of Duddingston Loch. Very nice, architecturally; lacking in plant labels. We saw an abies koreana, half the size of the one we have down the commonty but absolutely covered in blue fir cones, which is/are the koreana’s party trick. We have only a few this year. I’ve Google’d it since getting home; it sounds as if perhaps young trees have more fir cones. I’ll look it up in our Big Tree Book the next time I’m in Strathardle.

Duddingston Loch is famous for the Reverend Robert Walker, but you can’t expect to spot clergymen on the loch at this time of year.

Then we went to see my friend’s sister who lives in a splendid house nearby. In between is a pub called the Sheep Heid where the Queen recently dropped in for a bite, after a day at Musselburgh races. She very rarely dines out in public in London. I suggested to my friend that we should lunch there, but neither of us, in the event, were very hungry, so we didn’t.

On all fronts except knitting, life has been accelerating. Thomas O. rang up to say that he and his wife Lucy and daughter Juliet will be here on Tuesday. Help! The spare room is full of Archie’s things, and, with my husband away, domestic help is also lacking.

But this morning comes a message from Greek Helen in Normandy. They will be in Cheshire tonight (deo volente) with David’s mother, and she will be here in Edinburgh tomorrow. She can take charge of everything; c’est son metier.

I didn’t knit a stitch yesterday.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    So very happy to hear you had such a lovely and relaxing yet engaging day yesterday.

    Will this be the first tme yu get to meet Juliet? Regardless, I hope there are many happy moments and many photos taken.

    Perhaps, if it takes any longer for the care package to be developed, you could consider rehiring some help just for yourself? Does the nice Polish lady still come? I imagine maybe you don't have the energy for cleaning when you get back from the hospital.

    The Sheep Heid is now on my list for whenever I get to visit Edinburgh. If it is good enough for the queen....

    Beverly in NJ

  2. I, too, am hoping to see a photo of you with Juliet! Our semester begins on Monday, and your blog will be one of the bright spots of my mornings (it already is, but will be needed that much more).

  3. I think you had such a lovely day yesterday that the knitting would have been too much icing on the cake! I would have loved to have been a brooch perched on your shoulder (think the Queen) in order to see so many splendid places. oh, well.....maybe I will get back to Edinburgh again someday......

  4. The best post from you in ages. What a tonic of a day.

    1. =Tamar4:17 PM

      How relaxing, to have relatives who will deal with the other relatives.

  5. It sounds like a lovely day for you, Jean. I'm so thankful that Helen will be with you soon so that you will have some time to take care of yourself.